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Elizabeth Miller

Champion 2005, Miller


Occupation: Lifestyle Consultant

Results: Lost 35 pounds of fat. Gained 7 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Fat Loss

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller transformed a lifetime of pain into a bright future.

At age 45, after a major surgery, I began a journey that has changed my life’s direction. If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, my first step said a thousand words. Looking at those “before” shots, took me to a place I’ve never visited. I found out that denial is not a river in Egypt but a pervasive stream of belief that drowns us in the delusion of false reality. That snapshot of reality made me face an inner truth as well; I was weak, pathetic, vulnerable and looking for sympathy. I drew the line in the sand and resolved to evolve inside and out.

My next step was to begin with the end in mind: Mindset before superset! I wrote a detailed new identity and goal statement that described me inside and out. I read it in the present tense even though it was a future event. I was already there before lifting the first pound. It only took my body three months to catch up to who I had already become inside. I came from the victim to the victor in three months. Childhood abuse, abandonment at 13, back pain and surgery pain are no longer excuses; they are reasons to stay strong. One who allows the past to dictate the present creates no future. I learned the power of conscious choice and creative vision. “Conceive, believe, and achieve” is no longer a cliché for me, it is my tried and tested way of life.

*Individual results will vary

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