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Ed Klump

Champion 2003, Klump


Results: Blood pressure dropped to 125/72 from 145/94,  dropped from 235 pounds to 188 *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Ed Klump

At 5’8” and 235 pounds, Ed Klump was too heavy and lethargic, and unmotivated to change. When his doctor and wife expressed concern over his rising blood pressure and lifestyle, Ed decided to take control of his life. His sister suggested the Body-for-LIFE® program, and Ed began his transformation. Though he admits the first few weeks of the program were so difficult that he felt like “throwing in the towel,” Ed persevered through this obstacle. His wife encouraged him every day and congratulated him on the completion of his workouts. Many of his friends, however, were not so supportive. They told Ed that he’d surely fail, and laughed at his vigilant attention to nutrition and new exercise habits. Those so-called “friends” had to eat their words as Ed’s body began to change, and his inner strength shined through. Within weeks, Ed’s old size 40 pants became obsolete as the weight flew off and he now could fit into the size 32 pants he wore in college. In just six weeks, his blood pressure dropped to 125/72 from his previous unhealthy pressure of 145/94. In all, Ed dropped from 235 pounds to 188, and became lean and muscular. After 12 weeks, Ed’s body improved dramatically. But it was the change that happened inside of him that he enjoyed the most. “Before starting the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, I was struggling physically and mentally with work,” writes Ed. “I had no extra energy to spend on my personal life and my relationships were suffering. After completing the Challenge, my blood pressure is under control, my energy level is elevated, and I have ample energy to focus on my personal life.”

*Individual results will vary

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