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Don Haggard

Challenger Haggard


Occupation: Auto Manufacturing 
Results: Lost 10 pounds of fat*  Goal: Manage Weight

Don Haggard

One bad decision - that was all that it took to turn my life upside down. Just over a year ago while on my knees finishing up a concrete job, I twisted around to pick up a small tool when I felt something snap in my lower back. I immediately knew that I had torn or strained something due to the nearly paralyzing pain. It hurt to sit, stand, or lay down. For months I couldn’t find any comfort at all, making it almost impossible to sleep. Not to mention that I couldn’t do most of my favorite activities. Working out has been a part of my daily life since high school. My whole family loves camping, hiking, and horseback riding. Needless to say, most of this was out of the question. What little lifting I could do was just going through the motions. My physical fitness and overall health took a downhill spiral that was nearly devastating. I began to eat more and more junk food like pizza and cake. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, I was completely out of shape and becoming depressed over my appearance. Years of working out and playing sports to stay in shape seemed to go down the drain. I was fat and it was hard to tell I’d ever worked out.
Finally one day I took a good look at myself and said “that’s enough.” I knew that if I didn’t change my lifestyle now, then I might never get back in shape. After all, I had almost completely recovered from my injury at that point. I got online and found the Body-for-LIFE® website. I had heard about the Challenge years ago but I didn’t know that it was still active. My wife picked up a copy of the book. I read it and committed to changing my life. In fact, my wife and I both did it separately.  
It was great! Seeing her work out was truly inspiring to me. We cooked together, grocery shopped together and we both began to see food differently. Even our children started to eat healthier. Now my 12-year-old son is showing more interest in working out. In fact, I have shown him some safe exercises to do without weights. My friends, family and work associates are amazed at my transformation. Many of them have since decided to join the Challenge or at least do some kind of fitness program. However, I always suggest the Body-for-LIFE® Program because it doesn’t complicate things. The guidelines for improvement are laid out clearly. It takes a lot of work and dedication but anybody who will commit to changing not only their appearance, but also their life, can succeed with Body-for-LIFE®!

* Body-for-LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet and resistance training, the Body-for-LIFE program can help you achieve yours.

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