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David Shahan

Champion 2005, Shahan


Occupation: Regional Director

Results: Lost 30 pounds of fat. Gained 9 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Fat Loss

David Shahan

A chance discovery made David Shahan realize that he could make a positive change—for life.

Earlier this year, my brother and I were preparing for a garage sale and we were going through boxes containing our deceased father’s belongings. He had passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack in 2001. In one of the boxes I discovered the book, Body-for-LIFE®. Throughout the book, I found page after page of areas my dad had highlighted. It was apparent he had carefully studied this book, yet never implemented the program. He was 62 years old when he passed away. I began thinking about the similarities between his life and mine. My annual physical in 2004 revealed a cholesterol level of 240. My weight and physical conditioning constantly fluctuated as I tried every fad diet and gimmick that came along. I knew that genetically, the odds were against me. In addition to my father’s history of heart disease, my mother narrowly escaped a fatal heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass surgery in her early 50s. Having just turned 40 in 2004, I did some quick math and figured I may be looking at the last 10-15 years of my life. As I looked over at my beautiful wife and my two wonderful kids, I knew my life had to change.

I started the program on March 29. I was amazed at how quickly I settled into the routine and how soon I began seeing results. As the program progressed, the lifestyle changes became easier. My 12-week program ended on June 21 (two days before my 41st birthday). I was absolutely amazed at my results. Physically, I looked better than I had at age 20. Emotionally, I had regained my confidence and enthusiasm. However, one of the most dramatic changes I experienced would not be discovered until a few days later. On June 29, I went to my doctor for a full blood work-up. I had lowered my overall cholesterol from 240 to 123! My LDL dropped from 162 to 59! And, my triglycerides went from 98 to 46. Although my 12-week program is completed, my dedication to maintaining the results I have achieved will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I’ll never know what my father’s intentions were regarding Body-for-LIFE®. Had he just completed the book? Was he preparing to begin the program? Or was it like many of the other attempts at health and fitness that he planned and prepared for, but never started? All I know is that if he had started soon enough, he would likely be with us today. He lived a very modest life and when he died, he had very few possessions to leave behind. But with the unintentional legacy he left with that one book, he gave me something much more valuable than any estate. He gave me the future that he never had. For this, I thank him and I thank Bill Phillips for sharing his life-changing concept.

*Individual results will vary

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