Success Stories

David Plew



Results: Lost weight and gained muscle *

Goal: Size and Strength

David Plew

To participate in the Challenge, David Plew drew on several tactics. First he used Post-It notes to write all of his goals and carried them around wherever he went. Then, he also used a photo of a champion performer to inspire him (he even visualized his head on the champion’s body) and keep him on track. After learning about proper nutrition to coincide with his 5:30 a.m. gym workouts, the fat started falling off. “Being resilient and a willing desire is the key.” As he finished the 12-week transformation, Plew never felt better, stronger or in better shape. “The significance of my results is far more than I ever expected. My accomplishments and self confidence will bring abundant joy for many years to come.”

*Individual results will vary

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