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David Gervais

2010 Champion Gervais


Occupation: Producer/Writer

Results: Lost 41 pounds of fat.* 

Goal: Manage Weight

David Gervais

It’s Never Too LateThis 48-year-old father of three reversed 13 years of unhealthy habits in just 12 weeks.
David Gervais, a 48-year-old father of three, originally took a break from his fitness program 13 years ago before the birth of his son. He never made it back to the gym. The pounds piled on, and after years of overeating and minimal activity, David was overweight and at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. His confidence was at an all-time low, and he felt lethargic and unmotivated to do anything. Which meant it was time for him to do something. His wife gave him a copy of Body-for-LIFE®, and he found his answer. “I had been searching for a workout/weight-loss program that I was comfortable with,” he says. “When I read the book, I knew this program was for me.”
David was confident that he could handle Body-for-LIFE’s weight-training and cardio workouts thanks to his past experience in the gym, but he was worried he’d have a challenge with the nutrition plan. Over the previous 13 years, although for the most part he had tried to eat nutritiously, he had become used to mega portions of food, and fatty and sugary treats. But once he started the program, his newfound energy and confidence motivated him to stick with it. “Healthy food tastes great!” he even adds.
David followed the program to the letter, and after 12 weeks, thanks to some added inspiration from his wife and kids, he had lost 41 pounds of fat. “I’m a healthier and happier person,” he says. “I’m fit, in shape and feel great.”
And Body-for-LIFE changed more than his weight. “My family is happy, my career is more focused, and my friends are envious,” he says. Since becoming a 2010 Champion, David has stayed motivated to maintain this weight and newfound fitness level. For him, the point is simple. “Would you rather be fat and unhealthy or fit and healthy?” he asks. “Life is much better when you’re healthy.”
His advice to anyone who is new to Body-for-LIFE is to trust the program and stick with it. “This is the best program for me, personally, and I highly recommend it to all of those who want to be fit and lose weight.”
Top cardio tip: Keep it short and effective
Top weight-training tip: Create a program that you are comfortable with

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