Success Stories

Colby Knight

2008 Champion Colby Knight


Occupation: Teacher

Products: Betagen®, Myoplex® Lite Shakes

Results: Lost 31.4 lbs. of scale weight while decreasing body fat by 16% in 12-weeks*

Goal: Size and Strength

I was 220 lbs., 20% body fat, out of shape, out of energy, and I didn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror. I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am suffering from headaches and I was having pains in my chest, and I was 32 years old. The doctor actually wanted to put me on medication! How could I let this happen? How could I have sunk so low after being a good athlete growing up, and being blessed with a healthy body? I was eating as unhealthy as a person could eat, and I was not exercising. I know better. I graduated with a degree in exercise and sports medicine. I taught Anatomy/Physiology and sports medicine for seven years in Utah. I had no excuses. I needed to change.

I had recently been hired to teach PE/Health at Idaho Falls High School. I was excited to embark on this new challenge. I had witnessed first hand our struggling system of education our youth have to stay both physically and mentally healthy. There was one problem, how could I ask my students to be physically active and eat healthy when I was being a very poor example.

I have always considered myself a leader. That is one of the reasons I became a teacher. I love working with our youth and I want to make a difference. I want to be someone the students can respect and look up to. I want to be the best teacher in the country. I want to teach with the excitement and enthusiasm necessary to make our youth want to be more active.

After reading the book Body-for-LIFE® I knew I could accomplish anything. Bill Phillips was able to put down on paper something so powerful yet so simple. I was truly inspired. After reading some of the inspirational stories about how these individuals completely transformed their lives, I was all in. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to look like, and I would not be denied.

Nothing was going to stop me from succeeding. The first thing I did was tell all of my classes exactly what I was going to do. I wanted to become fully invested. I purchased 12 weeks worth of MRP’s, and Betagen®. I scheduled and paid for my after photo shoot, and I purchased the most expensive swimsuit I could find on the Internet. I set my goals high. I woke up everyday with a purpose.

I put together a “Body-for-Life” book in a huge 3-ring binder. I recorded every workout, and every meal. Every detail of my 12-week mission is in this binder. My conditioning routines were exhausting, my weight room regimen was demanding and my eating habits were exact. I loved it. I felt better everyday. Teachers and students began to be fascinated with the amount of sweat that drenched me everyday following my workouts.

I did it! I have never felt better! I surpassed every goal. I will be a great teacher for LIFE! Thank You!

*Individual results will vary


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