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Chelsea Treboniak

Challenger Treboniak


Occupation: US Army
Results: Lost 20 pounds of fat*  

My Body-for-LIFE® transformation is evident in my photos, but perhaps the more noteworthy “before and after” is my outlook on life. At the young age of 11, I battled Anorexia Nervosa, which required hospitalization to facilitate my recovery. I overcame the disease and later reaped the benefits as I achieved four Minnesota state diving titles, amongst other athletic accolades in several sports.

I further prevailed by achieving eight Patriot league titles in diving and graduating from West Point, thereby pursuing a career in the military. As a young officer, I competed in triathlons at the world level, representing Team USA. Clearly, athletics have always been my strength but my weight has always been a struggle. My physique goals were severely tested when I deployed in Afghanistan, where food choices and the ability to exercise at all was a challenge.

My deployment was a tremendous struggle on an emotional, mental and physical level. VERY slowly, 13 months passed and I was thrilled to come home to join my husband. My excitement was diminished when I learned that my husband, also just home from deployment, would be stationed in Maryland. I was to remain in North Carolina.

My weight increased due to the emotional stress of returning from deployment and the challenge of still not living with my husband. I was nearly 20 pounds heavier than what I knew was ideal. Ironically, I developed severe pain in my back, which has been diagnosed as a transitional vertebrae and a Pars Defect. I was informed that physical fitness would determine how long I would be able to function normally without an operation to fuse my vertebra. My life had to change.

I was introduced to Body-for-LIFE® by watching my brother and his wife participate with tremendous success. I followed their lead and attacked the Challenge with some basic goals in order to get back on track with my life. In the first week, I felt instant gratification – I shared my success with my family (11 members strong) and they suggested that I pursue my life long goal of competing in a fitness competition. I entered the North Carolina State Championships scheduled for April. I felt stronger and leaner with each passing week as I prepared for the competition. My mental status improved, I required fewer and fewer pain medications for my back and my emotional state was fabulous! I received endless compliments on my arms and my gluteus. While training, I acquired my personal training certification with the goal of helping others to achieve the same state of happiness and balance in life.

On April 10, I placed 4th in the North Carolina State Championships for fitness! My smile continues to demonstrate my increased happiness, my back continues to feel strong and my life is back on track.

Body-for-LIFE® redirected my thinking and helped me to regain my focus on how important my health is to my overall success. My family and I will always be grateful for the program as each member has now pursued his and her own Body-for-LIFE® Challenge as a result of my success.

Body-for-LIFE® is aptly titled because as I have found, when you take care of your body, you take care of your life.

* Body-for-LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet and resistance training, the Body-for-LIFE program can help you achieve yours.
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