Success Stories

Carolyn Culverhouse

Champion 2001, Culverhouse


Occupation: Registered Nurse

Results: Lost 24 pounds and traded her size 8’s for size 4’s in her last 12-weeks *

Goal: Fat Loss

Carolyn Culverhouse

This 51-year-old registered nurse who spends her days caring for others had neglected to care for herself. Her appearance and lack of self-control was something she could no longer handle. Culverhouse knew that her eating, exercising and thinking habits needed to change. It was time to take care of herself. She turned to the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge as her saving grace. Indeed it was! She lost 24 pounds and traded her size 8’s for size 4’s in her last 12-weeks. Carolyn actually completed 36 straight weeks during 2001, losing almost 80 pounds, dropping over 16 inches from her hips, and trading in her size 20 wardrobe for the size 4’s she wears now. “My confidence level is through the roof,” said Carolyn. “I feel better than I have ever felt in my whole life. I’m helping as many as I can to change their mind, their body, and their life. Life is sweeter and more precious to me than ever.” Caring for herself as much as she cares for others has been beneficial for Culverhouse and her patients alike.

*Individual results will vary

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