Success Stories

Brian Baker

Champion 2005, Baker


Occupation: Sales Manager

Results: Lost 16 pounds of fat. Gained 16 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Size and Strength

Brian Baker

He was ready to begin a transformational journey—all it took were some weights, a bench and inspiration.

When I accepted the BFL Challenge on January 10, 2005, I had no idea how impassioned I would become over the ensuing weeks. There I was, just another keyboard jockey in his late thirties, settling for “good enough” and grappling with the malaise of ordinary thinking. The descent into the abyss of mediocrity over time was subtle; I felt stalked. I was enduring life, not living it.

I took the Challenge because I was more afraid of an uninspired life then I was of the rigors connected with making a radical change. I knew I was capable of better! I was ripe for a challenge and it was time to clean up the neglect in my life.

My transformation required a 12-week journey. When I arrived, I decided to stay… for life! No passport was needed, no suitcase; just a rack of dumbbells, a bench and a daily trek along the corridors of internal resolve. This journey was not just about building muscle; it was about testing limits and exploring the canyon of richness within. For me, this was truly an epic journey. Along the way, I was introduced to those things about myself that needed to change. What began as an expedition to change the outside ended in one where the most significant change occurred inside.

Invariably, I share some part of my BFL journey with someone every day, and like all satisfied travelers, you become an instant advisor: “I’ve got to tell you where I went. You really ought to go too! It takes 12 weeks, but when you get there, you’ll be changed for LIFE!”

*Individual results will vary

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