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2008 Champion The Brewers


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Christine Results: Lost 16 lbs. of scale weight in 12-weeks*

Grady Results: Lost 17 lbs. of scale weight while decreasing body fat by 13% in 12-weeks*

Goal: Lean and Tone


In 2005 my wife and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. We had two kids, Cale 12, and Gabi 7.

I traveled frequently and Chrissy worked a 12-hour shift at the hospital ER. With both kids in several sports we were as busy as it gets!

Then the shocker of the summer 2006. We were going to have a baby! WOW! What a surprise. There was no time for a baby. How could we make this work!

2007 came and so did the baby, busy lives, very tired, and no time to eat right or exercise. We both realized it but agreed there is no time! Soon we were both in the worst shapes of our lives. She had a great excuse … a baby at age 37! But I had a better excuse … traveling all week on a nice meal expense account. Impossible to get back in shape.

Then in January 2008 we heard about a friend who competed and won her age division for 2007 BFL. We were aware of BFL and had the book for years but never took the Challenge. With the news of our friend we read the book again. We took a hard look at the chapter that talks about planning. We decided to take the 12 Week BFL Challenge.

February 14th, my valentine and I began our 12 Week Challenge. It was fun planning and shopping for food together. We had a plan and a commitment to each other to do our very best.

Our daughter, Gabi, now 10, and our son Cale, 14, enjoyed seeing mom and dad now competing at a sport. As much as we had always encouraged them to do their best they were now cheering us on. This was exciting. The 12 weeks were incredible. We did our best and we are very pleased with the results. But I must say to my surprise the thing I think we are most proud of is the lifelong lesson we taught our kids. It is one thing to tell your kids to do their best but it is another to get the opportunity to show them your BEST!


*Individual results will vary

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