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Benjamin Lohr

Benjamin Lohr


Occupation: Student

Results: Lost 19 pounds of fat. Reduced body fat to 10%  *

 Goal: Lean and Strong

Benjamin Lohr

I am a full-time college student, so like many other students out there, a busy schedule means hectic sleep patterns, poor diet, and little time for exercise. During the fall school semester, I really let myself go. I quit the gym and developed a horrible diet. When Christmas break rolled around it was clear, I needed a change. My life had become routine, I was physically and mentally sluggish, and I lacked motivation. I was reading a fitness magazine about two weeks before I decided to take the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, when I came across a quote from Star Wars in which Yoda said, “Try not. Do or do not do, there is no try.” This made me reflect on my previous two attempts at the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge and I realized I had never truly devoted myself to getting into great shape. During the last 12 weeks I took the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge for the third time and I can genuinely say I gave it my all. I finally got the results I wanted and I am in the best shape of my life!
The first change I noticed occurred in the third week of the Challenge, when I felt a major increase in my strength. It was a great experience not only to see results so quickly, but also to actually feel the changes within my body. During the fourth week, I realized that my endurance had greatly improved and I was able to increase the intensity of my cardio routine even further. It was evident that my body was changing day by day and I was able to push myself harder and longer during each workout.
I won’t lie; the idea of giving up certain types of foods was difficult for me to accept because I love to eat. Fortunately, with the Body-for-LIFE® program I never felt hungry because I was able to eat small frequent meals throughout the day. Also, if I had a strong craving I could use a weekly free meal the program allowed. Changing my habits was really all about mind over matter. Altering my eating behaviors was difficult at first, but with small, consistent adjustments over time, I developed new patterns of eating that simply became a way of life.
Looking back on my journey, I realized that I have not only become stronger physically but mentally as well. My ability to focus at school has greatly increased. I have regained the motivation I lost. My life feels recharged and vibrant.
In the past I fell victim to so many dieting gimmicks and ‘magic” exercise routines that never gave the results they promised. The truth is no quick fix or secret diet/exercise program exists. The key is dedication and discipline. Commit yourself to the program and rely on family, friends or prayer to overcome the obstacles that are too challenging for you to overcome on your own. Results will come and before long you will have accomplished all of the goals you set for yourself. Getting into great shape is not easy but it is definitely possible for anyone who sets their mind to it.    

*Individual results will vary.

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