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Andrew Crouch

Champion 2006, Crouch


Occupation: Singer / Songwriter

Products: Myoplex® Phosphagen

Results: Lost 52 pounds and 18% body fat *

Goal: Size and Strength

Andrew Crouch

In the music industry, your look is 80% of the business. The rest of it is the performance = ME! My energy, motivation, inspiration, passion, hope and spirit. I am a singer/songwriter who travels the country spreading hope and a positive message to my audiences, but I lost all hope in myself when I got out of bed one day, looked in the mirror, and barely recognized the reflection – I was about 40 pounds heavier than I had ever been.

About a year before that day, I went to the Dr. because I was experiencing some serious back pain. The diagnosis wasn’t good when he said it was a herniated disk that was also pinching my sciatic nerve that runs down my leg. He suggested immediate surgery…I was going to be off my feet for a while. Against the advise of everyone, I wanted time to look into other options and I put off surgery. In the meantime, even the simplest day-to-day tasks were impossible: standing up, sitting down, sleeping, driving, walking, bending over…and exercise? Well, that was definitely out of the question. Of course I started getting heavier and heavier (because inside I was changing). With an upcoming wedding, I certainly couldn’t have a goal of being in the best shape of my life – I just wanted to be able to walk down the aisle. Over the course of just over a year, I had become clinically obese with 30% body fat, and a 46.5” waist. I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans for shows and I refused to go to size 40 pants. The extra weight caused even more problems for my back and I seemed stuck in an eternal circle…more weight caused more pain; more pain caused less exercise; less exercise cause more weight. I became less and less motivated and inspired. I couldn’t ven write songs anymore. All I had left was a low self-esteem, no confidence, minimal shows, and a guy I didn’t like looking at in the mirror…that doesn’t make for a good performance.

THEN…I was challenged to do Body-for-LIFE® by my new father-in-law. So, I faced the challenge head on! As more and more people saw me transforming outside, they also noticed the transformation taking place inside, and could not help but ask me about it. Strangers and friends alike SWARMED as the weight fell off wanting to know what changed me, my body, and my life so drastically. It’s hard to help others when you are so focused on yourself. Body-for-LIFE® actually made me able to focus on others again, and my career. I am a walking billboard for Body-for-LIFE® – on and off the stage, inspiring so many to do what I did. Incredibly, my back is healed! It is amazing how a healthy diet, and the right exercises (plus losing 52 pounds) can change your entire life. I can run again! I can play sports again! I can perform again! I can hold my head high again! I have no pain, inside or out, since BFL!
I am now walking countless others through the BFL steps. The change in myself is astonishing, through BFL, I not only transformed my life, but I am able to help others transform theirs too.

BFL is just that = For Life. It has given me the tools I need to live a healthy lifestyle. I have a new assurance in my talents and myself. Body-for-LIFE® showed me when I put my mind to anything and focus; I can accomplish it – whatever it is. I didn’t know that was in me before this. I have a barbarian approach to life now, since BFL, I can see my dreams, and insistently pursue them with unbridled drive. THANKS Bill Phillips and BFL team! May you be blessed as you have blessed so many others!!!

*Individual results will vary

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