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Aaron Ferguson

Champion 2005, Ferguson


Occupation: Sales Manager

Results: Lost 18 pounds of fat. Gained 13 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Aaron Ferguson

A painful condition wasn’t enough to stop this Aussie from changing his life for the better.

I have spondylolysis, a debilitating condition that occurs because my sacral joint has pushed forward from the base of my spine. I couldn’t walk, sit, or even sleep without pain in my lower back and down my right leg as a result I gave up exercising and was on the waiting list for a spinal fusion. I suffered from muscle atrophy, bitterness and deep bouts of depression. My life was on hold waiting for the day of my operation.

Body-for-LIFE® gave me the knowledge to take responsibility for myself—for my condition. It gave me the opportunity to be in control. Through the nutrition my energy immediately increased, but it wasn’t fleeting; it was a consistent energy that lasted throughout the day (no more peaks and troughs). In the gym, the daily battles I fought gave me a greater resolve, a determination, a purpose. The principles I began practicing day in and day out. Organization, planning, preparation, focus and commitment have now all become habitual. The fire in my belly, my passion has returned—and others see it. The amount of support I received when people (some I didn’t even know) saw my commitment to my personal evolution was staggering. They wanted to be inspired and I wanted to inspire them! At the end of week nine I was comfortable enough with my muscular development that I went for my first run in four years.

The release and peace I felt at the end is something I will always be truly grateful for. I no longer accept mediocrity in my life. Any obstacle that would have previously set me back now becomes a source of inspiration. I am finally working towards fulfilling my potential as a human being and I love it, just as I love my new body. But it pales in comparison to my new perspective of myself, life and the society I live in.

*Individual results will vary

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