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Body-for-LIFE Mobile Companion App

Keeping track of your fitness goals, workout progress, meal plans, body measurements and more just got a whole lot easier. Introducing the new Body-for-LIFE mobile companion app, free on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets—the perfect companion for your life on the go.

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The Body-for-LIFE mobile app features:
  • Full 12-week workout tracking, how to videos and workout timer
  • Daily meal plan tracking and ability to search and browse top recipes
  • Quick access to our approved food list and what foods you should avoid
  • Powerful measurement tools to keep track of your body measurements, body fat percentage, weight, BMI and photos as you complete the program
  • Integration with the Body-for-LIFE community forum page
  • Motivational Tips & Frequently Asked Questions to help you along the way
What are you waiting for? Download for free today and keep working towards your goal of having a body for life!

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