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2006 Nebraska Police
Q: Describe your life before the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge?
It was a lot of repetition. I’d get up and have something for breakfast, go to work, then come directly home and sit on the couch and watch television. I’d eat one big meal, usually fast food, for lunch then one more for dinner. Usually when I’d eat it would be in huge portions so I wouldn’t get hungry later.

Q: What made you finally decide to take that first step and enter the Challenge?
It was the first time I ran up the stairs from my basement and I found I was winded from the run. I couldn’t believe I had a feeling like this from such a seemingly simple thing. Also, I could feel my gut in the way when I sat down to tie my shoes.

Q: What were your very first impressions of the program? Did you struggle or was it liberating?
I was open to it due to the fact six of my colleagues as well as my wife was going to do this along with me. This made me much more accountable for everything I did throughout the program.

Q: Talk about the moment you first began to see changes in your body and/or outlook?
The first time I noticed the change was when I was at the point where my duty belt was on a lower notch then it was when I fresh out of the police academy four year prior. The fact I was in better shape then I was when I was twenty-two and fresh out of an intense twelve week police training academy really impressed me. After that I began to get compliments from friends and family about the thinning of my face.

Q: Did you have to over-come any obstacles during your 12-Week Challenge?
The first four weeks the cardio was really hard for me. I’d never been a big cardio guy so it was a real “hill” I had to overcome. Past that bringing my portions down to the proper sizes was a real mental obstacle for me. I would look at the food and say; “There’s no way that’s going to fill me up”. After a short while through, the correct portions were all I could eat otherwise I would feel bloated.

Q: How did you feel on the very last day of your Challenge?
I felt like a new person. I felt like I could do anything. In fact at the end of the Challenge, my wife and I went out and visited family in Colorado and went hiking. The people we visited in Colorado are outdoor enthusiasts as well as avid hikers. To my surprise I out hiked them all. I even passed up other hikers who were hiking on our same trail. After I arrived at the top of the hill, I realized I would not have been able to perform near as well as I had that day if I had not participated in this program.

Q: What was the reaction of your friends and family to the amazing changes you made?
Many of my family and friends could not believe the difference between the before and after pictures. After they heard the numbers of how much I lost in both weight and body fat they were astounded. The thing that really brought it home for me was when I compared family pictures from before and after the Challenge. On a side note, my wife is now due in April with our first child.

Q: Do you still follow the Body-for-LIFE® program?
Absolutely! Like I’ve told guys I work with that ask the same questions, “It’s not Body-for-Twelve Weeks, “It’s Body-for-LIFE®”!

Q: If someone were to ask your advice about starting—and finishing—the Challenge, what would you tell them?
I currently am the School Resource Officer at Papillion LaVista High School and I have kept the staff up to date on how things were going. Now that we’ve won I’ve been getting multitudes of e-mails asking about helping them with getting started. What I’ve told them is two things:

Get someone to do the Challenge with, preferably their spouse of significant other
Never take a day off except for your free day
As soon as you slack once, it’s a slippery slope that’s hard to come back from. Plus that’s what the other person is there for, to keep you on track.

Q: How has your life changed since doing the Challenge?
I eat much healthier and still work out six day a week. It’s become my normal everyday routine. It’s much better.

Q: Where do you think you’d be if you had never done the Challenge?
I’d be right on my couch feeling like the same lump I did before the Challenge.

Q: After going through the 12 Weeks, how was your mindset different that it was before? Were you able to face the challenges in your life with more confidence?
Like I said, it’s my normal routine now. It doesn’t even feel like a workout program or even a diet. It just feels like I’m doing things how they should be done.

Q: What is your favorite free day meal?
If I’m going to do something wrong, I’m going to do it right. My favorite cheat day meal would probably have to be a good homemade Italian Dinner with all the fixings with “Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food” ice Cream for dessert.

Q: How have you spread the word of Body-for-LIFE® to other folks?
There isn’t anyone I know or who I regularly come into contact with who doesn’t know about it.

Q: What are your current goals?
To keep on going like I am now for the rest of my life. I want to continue to be healthy for not only myself but for my family and my unborn child. I want to be the dad who goes out and plays with his kids as opposed to the one who tells him to go out and play instead.

Q: Quotes that inspire?
“Carpe Diem” – Seize the Day. Nothing says it better!

Q: Define Success?
Success is turning difficulty and hardship into prosperity and happiness.

Q: Any final thoughts?
Thank you to Body-for-LIFE® for everything you’ve done for my co-workers, my wife and me. I truly believe you’ve saved my life, my quality of Life at least!

Q: What are your favorite EAS® products?
Myoplex® Original, Thermo DynamX®
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