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Q: Describe your life before the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge?
My life was a steady decrease in activity and a general sense of apathy towards everything. Any usual motivation for a productive life simply ebbed on a steady pace.

Q: What made you finally decide to take that first step and enter the Challenge?
A significant change in my schedule allowed me to concentrate on my nutritional intake and focus more toward routine physical activity. I had reached the heaviest weight in my life and became lethargic in a way I was not familiar.

Q: What were your very first impressions of the program? Did you struggle or was it liberating?
My energy levels increased almost immediately, and that was hard to recognize until I actually stopped drinking coffee. I had no idea that a reasonable breakfast and full glass of water had as much pick-me up as the normal pt of coffee which I drank everyday. I was frustrated that there were no visible results. It was kind of that “well, I’m dieting…why am I not skinny yet?” Evidently those are not realistic expectations during the first week.

Q: Talk about the moment you first began to see changes in your body and/or outlook?
It was week 4. I got dressed one morning and my belt went to a different notch. I looked down again and was confused for a second until it hit me. After that; the results were felt daily and every difference brought more and more motivation for success.

Q: Did you have to over-come any obstacles during your 12-Week Challenge?
The meal preparation proved difficult at first. I went to the Body-for-LIFE® website and found some tips for easy meals and snacks to pack for the entire day, which actually turned out to be more convenient when getting a call to work long hours.

Q: How did you feel on the very last day of your Challenge?
Ready for more. The feeling of accomplishment lasted for a brief moment. At that point when you have seen how effective the program is, you can’t help but to really want to know how much better things can get.

Q: What was the reaction of your friends and family to the amazing changes you made?
Everyone I talked to were impressed by the results of this challenge. They would compliment me and then immediately asked, “what did you do?” The compliments were nice, but getting to talk about all aspect of the challenge became more rewarding than there praise.

Q: Do you still follow the Body-for-LIFE® program?
Due to extensive travel I have not followed the regimented six meals a day, however all of the types of food I continue. I especially like the cardio exercise. Due to a weak right knee I am not a distance runner so this interval style training circuit was perfect, and I continue that today.

Q: If someone were to ask your advice about starting—and finishing—the Challenge, what would you tell them?
First I would tell them to ignore the idea that you are “dieting.” Then I would tell them to take time to prepare. I had a spreadsheet pre-typed with my exercises for all 12-Weeks before I stepped into a gym. When you get started I would tell them to just get to the 5-Week mark. After you see the changes your challenge will finish itself.

Q: How has your life changed since doing the Challenge?
Education, Education and Education. I now am well-versed in nutrition, cooking healthier (without sacrificing taste), exercising efficiently, and the overall value of finding the right supplements that fit your goals.

Q: Where do you think you’d be if you had never done the Challenge?
Probably taking a nap after the usual fast food mega-meal!

Q: After going through the 12 Weeks, how was your mindset different that it was before? Were you able to face the challenges in your life with more confidence?
My mindset did not change as much as it sharpened. I am in a job where big decisions need to be made quickly, and since the program I am able to cross analyze several variables prior to making any choices. This heightened mindset has assisted me on more than one occasion and I am grateful.

Q: What is your favorite free day meal?
Bread Pudding…yes, as a meal.

Q: How have you spread the word of Body-for-LIFE® to other folks?
I first ask if they have heard about the challenge. If not, I just tell them the results and questions come rolling in.

Q: What are your current goals?
Maintain my body weight but add strength and endurance. My focus to cut fat has shifted to maintaining my current percentage but increase my physical endurance.

Q: Quotes that inspire?
“Rule number 76. No excuses play like a champion!” Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers

“You just gotta keep on keeping on” Joe Dirt

“Catch the Chicken Rock!” Mickey from Rocky II

Q: Define Success?
Success is simply setting a goal and achieving it. A goal can be small or grand, but if you get there you have succeeded.

Q: Any final thoughts?
I could not stress enough the ease to which anyone could compete in the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. This can be tailored to physical, dietary, and budget restrictions for anyone who wants to change their life around.

Q: What are your favorite EAS® products?
Myoplex® Original
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