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Q&A with Jahid and Kitara Wilson

Champion Q&A

Champion 2006, Wilsons
Q: Describe your life before the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge?
It was busy and challenging, like it is now, but there was always that lurking uneasiness with our bodies just beneath the surface that reared its ugly head whenever Jahid and I were getting together with friends or going someplace special. We were disgusted with how our clothes fit on our bodies and we’d agonize over what to wear because no matter what we chose, we just never felt “polished”. We always felt frumpy and like fashion misfits because the nice clothes we had didn’t hang properly on our unfit bodies. We often felt “inadequate”, and that is a feeling we just didn’t want to carry around with us any longer.

Q: What made you finally decide to take that first step and enter the Challenge?
We were unhappy with our bodies and frustrated with our lack of follow through with past attempts to get in shape. We realized that our bodies weren’t going to change until we decided to change our minds about how we approached our fitness goals. Luckily, we were at a time in our lives as individuals where we were both striving for the same thing and had arrived at the realization, so the decision to move forward as a couple was a very easy one.

Q: What were your very first impressions of the program? Did you struggle or was it liberating?
It was difficult at first, due to the strict diet and workout schedule. But, after we started to see results the whole process became very liberating. For the first time in our adult lives we were finally moving toward our fitness goals.

Q: Talk about the moment you first began to see changes in your body and/or outlook?
When the scale began to change, our clothes were fitting much looser, and we looked in the mirror and saw the change. It truly made everything worthwhile. Those difficult days when we didn’t feel like working out, and following this strict diet we remembered the progress that we made. We knew that if we didn’t continue we would not see any further progress and the ultimate goal of finishing the challenge.

Q: Did you have to over-come any obstacles during your 12-Week Challenge?
We both had very busy schedules. Jahid was working six to seven days a week 11 plus hours and Kitara was at home taking care of two very active children while still maintaining her business. We were very tired, and our day started at 5:00 a.m. In addition, none of our friends or family followed our new diet plan. They understood what we were doing, but weren’t interested in this strict plan. So during family outings, we were the only ones with a bar, protein shake, or some other healthy meal. It was the two of us constantly surrounded by food temptations.

Q: How did you feel on the very last day of your Challenge?
We felt extremely empowered, and we still do! We have so much pride for each other and for ourselves individually to know that we achieved what at times seemed impossible to do. We walked into a 12 week challenge not really knowing what awaited us at the other end, but we believed enough in our own abilities that whatever it was would be well worth the effort. And it has been that and more.

On the final day of our challenge and after the last workout, I (Kitara) cried and Jahid took some time to reflect. It was truly an amazing experience and one that did so much more for us than just change our physical appearances.

The next day we took our after photos and spent the rest of the day celebrating in San Francisco. We shopped, had lunch and just beamed from the inside out and the outside in over what we had accomplished.

Q: What was the reaction of your friends and family to the amazing changes you made?
Our families shared how proud they are of us to make the changes that we did. They know how difficult it can be with our busy lives and two active children, to find time to make fitness a priority, but we did. Our immediate circle of family and friends has been supportive and encouraging and we couldn’t ask for more.

Q: Do you still follow the Body-for-LIFE® program?

Q: If someone were to ask your advice about starting—and finishing—the Challenge, what would you tell them?
It all starts with a decision. The words “change your mind, change your life” couldn’t be said any clearer. Once you decide that you want to do the challenge, be committed to finishing it. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish, and the feeling you achieve from this accomplishment.

Q: How has your life changed since doing the Challenge?
We realized that it was possible for us to achieve this goal. We had tried before, but we were now going to succeed. We were truly a team during the challenge. Even though we were tired throughout the challenge, we worked together to make sure we both finished and stayed committed. We realize that it is possible for us to accomplish anything we put our minds towards. It has made us that much closer, and more of an appreciation of our marriage. We accomplished this major achievement together, no one can ever take this away from us.

Q: Where do you think you’d be if you had never done the Challenge?
In the same situation we had been the years prior. Frustrated, and discouraged from our lack of results.

Q: After going through the 12 Weeks, how was your mindset different than it was before? Where you able to face challenges in your life with more confidence?
We truly believe that anything is possible. No matter what our busy life consists of, we can accomplish our goals. We finally realize that after years of not reaching our fitness goals, the final piece to us reaching this goal was our own mindset. Once this changed, our bodies changed. And, now there is no going back.

Q: What is your favorite free day meal?
Kitara – anything fried
Jahid – anything chocolate

Q: How have you spread the word of Body-for-LIFE® to other folks?
When we won the challenge we sent an e-mail to everyone we knew. Jahid spoke to people at work, and Kitara through her various groups.

Q: What are your current goals?
To further increase our fitness, continue to make progress with our goals and Jahid to expand his personal training business and eventually move to doing this full time. For Kitara to expand her writing business, and eventually begin working on her fiction novels. To help educate the African American community on health and fitness, and use our 2006 championship status to help us share this important message.

Q: Quotes that inspire?
Well, they aren’t exactly “quotes”. Jahid is very fond of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. I love the poems “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou and “Our Greatest Fear” by Marianne Williamson. We both believe in the power of the Law of Attraction, and I am big fan of “The Secret”.

Q: Define Success?
We think that success is defined by the limitations, or lack thereof, that we set in our minds. We are experiencing this truth firsthand. We decided that we weren’t going to continue to let the negative patterns and limitations that held us back before be a factor in us finishing the challenge this time around. We honestly believed that we could change our bodies in 12 weeks, and we did.

Q: What are your favorite EAS® products?
Myoplex® Original, Myoplex® Lite, Betagen®, Phosphagen Elite™, Muscle Armor®, Myoplex® Carb Sense
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