Champion Meal Plan

David Gervais - 2010 Challenge Champion, Men 46+

David’s sample nutrition plan:
Meal #1: Whole-grain cereal, strawberries, blueberries and banana with skim milk
Meal #2: Protein shake made with EAS 100% Whey and 12 ounces skim milk
Meal #3: Sliced turkey, fat-free mayo, ½ an avocado and lettuce wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla, side of fresh-cut veggies
Meal #4: 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese, sliced apple and walnuts or almonds
Meal #5: Salmon burger on a whole-wheat bun, topped with fat-free mayo and lettuce, side of fresh veggies (steamed broccoli, sliced tomato and carrot sticks)
Meal #6: EAS Myoplex® nutrition bar and almonds or walnuts
*All meals are accompanied by water, and water is drank throughout the day

2010 Champion Gervais

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