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Planning for a successful Challenge

Successful Challenge

Research shows that you will be more successful and motivated in your weight-loss goals if you lay out a detailed plan on how you intend to approach your upcoming Challenge. Here are some ways you can start planning ahead.

Be positive.
Focus on positive solutions, not avoidance tactics. Instead of saying “I will never use the vending machine during my Challenge”, be open to the fact that there might be a day or two when you will need to rely on it. Instead, identify healthier alternatives in advance that you can pick, for example, trail mix or pretzels instead of a bag of chips or candy bar. Better yet, stock your desk drawers with non-perishable snacks you can eat in a pinch: EAS Myoplex® bars and shakes, soup, almonds, etc.
Get your gear.
Before you start planning your meals or workouts, make sure you have everything you need for both. Do you have an insulated lunch bag or cooler and microwave-safe containers to carry and cook your food? Do you have a water bottle? Clothes and shoes for workouts and a bag in which to carry your gear? Turn to page 187 in Champions Body-for-LIFE for a checklist of 10 items that past Champions and Challengers thought were essential for a successful Challenge.
Cook and shop in advance.
Before you even start your Challenge, make sure your pantry is stocked with the staples you need to cook and prepare your meals. (Click here for a sample shopping list to get you started.) You can also find plenty of BFL-authorized recipes to choose from. Pick a planning and shopping day each week so that you have everything you need to prepare each week’s meals. Most people like to do their shopping on Sunday so that they are ready for the week.
Get a grip on your workouts
Sit down and review the Body-for-LIFE workouts and exercises so that you have a basic understanding of what you will be doing before you even hit the gym. (Click here to review demonstrations of many of the exercises in Body-for-LIFE.)
Do your homework.
If you haven’t already, start reading Champions Body-for-LIFE. This is your guide for the Challenge. Be sure to check out Chapter 4, which has some excellent advice on planning for a successful Challenge.
Get the tools to track your progress.
The BFL web site has all the tools you need to track your progress, including downloadable daily progress reports for your meals, workouts and goals.

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