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  • Successful Challenge Planning for a successful Challenge

    Research shows that you will be more successful and motivated in your weight-loss goals if you lay out a detailed plan on how you intend to approach your upcoming Challenge.

  • Stay on Track Tips for Staying On Track
    This is an excellent point in your Challenge to take a look at the progress you’ve already made, and ensure that you’re on track with your 12-week goals. If you feel you’re not making as much progress as you’d like, it might be time to make some small changes to your workouts and nutrition plan.

  • Goal Setting Tips for Goal Setting

    Having goals is a powerful thing. They give you something tangible to work toward and are a way of measuring your progress.

  • Stay on Track Tips for Staying On Track Part 2

    It’s inevitable with any nutrition and exercise program that eventually your motivation may wane a little, or an unexpected injury or family or work obligations may cause you to miss a few meals or workouts. This is normal; instead of looking at this as an excuse to give up on Body-for-LIFE, try the following tips for staying on track, no matter what life throws your way.

  • sixpack Trust Your Gut

    10 ab secrets to build that six pack

  • soremuscle 5 Exercises to Sculpt Your Chest

    5 exercises to sculpt your chest

  • man_bench Getting Started

    Four basic elements you need to transform your body

  • Self Esteem How to Build Self Esteem

    Apprehensions of the Body-for-LIFE Challenge can pull out the inner critic in all of us.

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