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  • porter Freeman's Word

    Reinvent yourself with your best effort

  • Self Esteem How to Build Self Esteem

    Apprehensions of the Body-for-LIFE Challenge can pull out the inner critic in all of us.

  • Goal Setting Tips for Goal Setting

    Having goals is a powerful thing. They give you something tangible to work toward and are a way of measuring your progress.

  • Stay on Track Tips for Staying On Track Part 2

    It’s inevitable with any nutrition and exercise program that eventually your motivation may wane a little, or an unexpected injury or family or work obligations may cause you to miss a few meals or workouts. This is normal; instead of looking at this as an excuse to give up on Body-for-LIFE, try the following tips for staying on track, no matter what life throws your way.

  • Article Training Focus on Challenge Focusing on Progress
    Keeping track of the changes you’re making throughout the Challenge is very important. Set aside some time to measure your progress, and you will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished so far.

  • Stay on Track Tips for Staying On Track
    This is an excellent point in your Challenge to take a look at the progress you’ve already made, and ensure that you’re on track with your 12-week goals. If you feel you’re not making as much progress as you’d like, it might be time to make some small changes to your workouts and nutrition plan.

  • Successful Challenge Planning for a successful Challenge

    Research shows that you will be more successful and motivated in your weight-loss goals if you lay out a detailed plan on how you intend to approach your upcoming Challenge.

  • sixpack Trust Your Gut

    10 ab secrets to build that six pack

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