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Tracking Progress and Staying Motivated

Track Progress

Week 4 and 8 are important times to evaluate your progress of the Challenge. By Week 4, you will have had the chance to become familiar with Body-for-LIFE’s workout and nutrition plans and by Week 8 you will be confident in your ability to follow the program. Here are some steps to take to gauge your progress and keep up your motivation.

Take your Week 4 and Week 8 pictures
Pictures are very important tools for tracking your progress. You can take these pictures in the same clothes as you took your “before” pictures and you may notice these clothes fit better! Place your pictures in your Journal as a reminder. Compare them to your “before” pictures - you may be surprised at the changes you have made thus far!

Measure up
Use a measuring tape to record your biometrics for Week 4 and 8. Even if you don’t notice a change at the scale, you might be losing inches. In addition to losing fat, you are also gaining muscle. You are truly reshaping your body.

Try it on
Do you have an item of clothing that was tight or that you were unable to fit into at the beginning of your Challenge? Try this item on periodically throughout your Challenge; you’ll probably see that it starts to fit better and better.

Reread your Journal
Look back to your first couple weeks on the Challenge. You will probably notice that you are lifting heavier weights and running, biking or walking at a higher intensity. You may also notice you are sleeping better and feeling more energetic and confident. These are all signs of progress.

Change happens at your own pace

Don’t be discouraged if you feel like you are not making as many changes as you would have liked. Many past participants experienced their most drastic changes in the last three or four weeks of their Challenges. If they had gotten discouraged and quit earlier, they would not have reached that point of transformation. Small changes do lead to big results. 

Review your goals
This is an excellent point in your Challenge to review the goals that you have set and make sure you’re still on track. If you are not progressing how you envisioned, perhaps you need to reevaluate your goals, or take a close look at how you are approaching the Challenge.

Problem solve
Evaluate what’s working and what's not with your nutrition and exercise plans. Have you had a challenge working out first thing in the morning? Schedule your workouts after work or at lunch instead. Has it been hard to do all your shopping on Sundays? Split your shopping into two trips during the week instead. Coming up with new solutions to your challenges will increase your motivation to make the most of this life-changing experience. 

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