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Successful Eating While on the Road

Travel Healthy
A hectic travel schedule may seem difficult while participating in Body-for-LIFE, but it is no excuse not to eat healthy. If you know you are going to be traveling, do what you can to prepare in advance. The key things to consider are:
  • How long you will be traveling: There is a big difference in eating between a 3-hour trip verses an 8-hour trip. You know you will be away from a kitchen and cannot rely on the food options, so it is best to bring items to snack on relative to your trip length.
  •  The conditions of your trip: Will you be in a car or a plane, in an all day, off-site meeting? Be aware of your conditions. Will you have access to water, a fridge, or unhealthy foods? You need to mentally prepare so you don’t suddenly scarf down a greasy slice of pizza or muffin instead of a healthier option.
You should always remember to bring your water bottle (empty it before if you are going through airport security). Hydration is a great way to curb hunger, reduce swelling, and keep you feeling fresh. Other important items to keep handy are nutrition bars, apples or oranges, almonds, and packets of oatmeal and protein powder. Dried goods are great because they are not dependent on having a form of refrigeration. You can bring shaker bottle so that you can mix up protein shakes on the go! No matter what your travel schedule, keeping yourself well prepared with some basic supplies will keep you feeling good and eating properly. No one wants to eat a heavy airport meal then have to sit on a 4-hour flight!
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