Nutrition Articles

Making Body-for-LIFE Nutrition a Lifestyle

Nutrition tips to keep things fresh

Subscribe to food magazines. Now that you know the basic principles of creating a Body-for-LIFE meal, expand your horizons. Subscribe to a variety of food magazines and explore the recipes. Experiment with how you can modify them to fit your Body-for-LIFE lifestyle.
Try different cooking techniques. Break out from the grilling, baking and boiling. Try broiling, slow-cooking, blanching, sautéing and more.
Explore your local farmer’s market. Plan a trip every week to select locally grown, in-season produce, and build your meals around these delicious, and fresh, fruits and vegetables.
Go meatless once a week. Challenge yourself with finding unique vegetarian alternatives to meat. Fulfill your protein requirements using eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, nuts, tofu and protein-packed grains like quinoa.
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