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About Body-for-LIFE

The Body-for-LIFE Challenge and Program has transformed more than 4 million bodies and lives. The core principles of Body-for-LIFE—weight training and aerobic exercise performed with intensity, in concert with balanced nutrition and several small meals a day—together form a practical promise of success. They remain core principles precisely because they work, as proven by the thousands of successful transformations. What sets Body-for-LIFE apart is that it's not just about your body. It's also about your mind and soul, and about using your body, mind and soul to transform your life and the lives of those around you. Body-for-LIFE is so called for a reason. Stick with it and you'll add more years to your life. Better yet, you'll add more life to your years—and be able to give more life to others.

Corporate Fitness – Why it's Important

Since the mid-1970's corporate wellness programs have gained popularity and momentum and Corporate America has become increasingly aware of the numerous advantages wellness programs offer.

In the U.S., more than 81% of businesses have some form of health promotion program(5). With annual increases in health care costs and benefit claims, sedentary lifestyles and poor health are costing companies money. Employers see corporate wellness as a way to prevent health issues, which will reduce claims, make for healthier employees and save the company money. Overall, employers are realizing there is a significant link between prevention and investing in the health of their staff.

Estimates show that overweight and obese employees cost American companies $12.7 billion a year, including higher medical bills, higher health insurance costs, lower productivity and 39 million lost workdays(1). Studies show that for every dollar spent on preventive health programs, a company can save as much as $6 in insurance costs(1). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that the overweight epidemic affects two-thirds of U.S. adults and is not just a health issue.(1)

How will an exercise program improve the health and job satisfaction of a worker?

Studies by the University of Michigan show that employers can save an average of: (1)

  • $1,100 a year for every employee who breaks his or her addictive smoking habit.
  • $269 a year for every employee who progresses from couch potato to fitness enthusiast.
  • $1,200 a year on employees who reduce their cholesterol levels from 240 milligrams to 190 milligrams.
  • $177 a year for every employee who goes from obesity (more than 30 pounds overweight) to a healthy weight.

Companies need to invest in employee health

In a day and age where competition is fierce, don't you want your employees to be the best they can? Having a healthy, happy, productive front line can positively affect your bottom line. Your employees are your most important assets. Let EAS and the Body-for-LIFE Challenge help take your company to the next level by providing your employees the "blueprint" for success.

In twelve short weeks this program has shown it may help:(5)

  • Improve your employees' overall health
  • Reduce the amount of sick days
  • Increase productivity
  • Raise company morale and camaraderie
  • Strengthen employee/employer relations
  • Provide all employees with the opportunity to win the next Body-for-LIFE Challenge

Introducing your employees to a healthier, active lifestyle generates success in all aspects of their lives. Employers can reduce costs for serious illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity by identifying high-risk employees and encouraging them to change their behaviors and improve their lifestyles. Wellness experts agree that a work site health promotion program is the best way to achieve this goal. In addition to a healthier lifestyle, the Body-for-LIFE Program has show it may help your employees with:

  • Goal setting—Body-for-LIFE principles can be used to succeed in all aspects of life.
  • Time management—Body-for-LIFE shows people how to manage their time more effectively, allowing them to become more productive at work and home.
  • Confidence—An inevitable occurrence of adhering to the program, achieving goals and mental and physical improvements.
  • Competition—Truly brings out the best in people. The Body-for-LIFE Challenge eliminates the fear of competition because individuals learn they are ultimately competing against themselves.
  • Clarity—By dedicating to a commitment like Body-for-LIFE, employees learn how to focus.
  • Lifestyle Change—Body-for-LIFE is a comprehensive program that allows employees to live a healthy, active lifestyle for many years to come.

What is the Body-for-LIFE Challenge?

Sponsored by EAS, a subsidiary of the Abbott Nutrition Healthy Living Division of Abbott Laboratories, the Body-for-LIFE Challenge is the premier self-improvement challenge in the world. It is a structured 12-week fitness and nutrition program where challengers compete against themselves to get into the best shape of their lives. We provide competitors with an exercise/training schedule and information on proper nutrition and supplementation to attain specific 12-week goals. Challengers are judged on their physical transformation through "before" and "after" photographs and on their internal transformation through Inner Transformation Questions/Essays.

Body-for-LIFE Principles:

  • Eat six times a day, every two to three hours.
  • Weight train intensely, no more than 46 minutes, three times a week.
  • Do 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio three times a week.
  • Plan and record each week.
  • Practice the Universal Law of Reciprocation by giving unselfishly.

Why should you offer the Body-for-LIFE Program/Challenge to your employees?

Workplace wellness programs are recognized by more and more companies for their value in improving the health and well being of their employees. Investing in a corporate workplace wellness program like Body-for-LIFE is recognized as the smart way to improve overall employee morale, as well as reduce employee turnover and overall health care costs. By implementing Body-for-LIFE in your organization, you create a more energetic, positive and productive workplace that provides meaningful gains for your company or organization.

Four easy steps to launching your Corporate Body-for-LIFE Challenge

  1. Obtain full approval from your Human Resources Department.
  2. Send an e-mail to that includes the following information:
    • Name of your company
    • Number of employees
    • Contact name and number for the individual who is facilitating your company Challenge
  3. Once we receive this information, we will work with you to organize a Body-for-LIFE Challenge suited to your company's needs and size. If you expect to have over 300 participants in your challenge, we recommend you look into our Changes that Last a Lifetime program! This program incorporates the Body-for-LIFE principals but has different levels of communication and difficulty.
  4. Once we have worked out the right program for your company, you will receive (by email), an Entry Kit PDF and an employee Getting Started PDF that includes printable nutrition and fitness guides. The program is easy to follow and does not require constant support from an outside source.

Making Body-for-LIFE a Successful Program

The Body-for-LIFE Challenge is designed to be a lifestyle, not a diet. This is part of what makes the program so successful. When your employees participate in the program, they will be making lifestyle changes that will be beneficial both to their personal lives and your company. Here are some tips to encourage participation and completion:

  • Offer a reward or incentive for participants: While the most rewarding benefit of completing a 12-week Body-for-LIFE Challenge is the transformation of the body, mind and spirit as competitors lose fat, gain muscle and increase their self-confidence, offering an internal reward encourages healthy competition and anticipation among employees.
  • Schedule an initial meeting. This is the perfect time to explain the details of the program and generate excitement around the program. Take this time to explain to your employees why their health is important to you, and how they can benefit from a healthier lifestyle - increased energy (to play with kids) etc.
  • Schedule an official kick-off meeting. Once you know which employees are participating in the program, you can meet to help prepare participants for the Challenge. We recommend doing this a week prior to the start date to give them time to plan their meals and workouts. Take this time to explain the details of the program, hand out the employee Starter Kit, and talk about the opportunity for them to enter into the Public Challenge as well.
  • Send out weekly emails. During the program, send out weekly emails to encourage people and remind them to track their progress against their goals. Check the website for content ideas to help motivate your employees.
  • Schedule a week 4, 8, and 12 meeting. Encourage participants to talk about successes and challenges that they have faced and how they have adapted. You should foster group interaction as much as possible; it can be difficult to undertake a life-changing program alone.

Tools to Guide You:

There are a plethora of tools out there to help you guide your employees through a successful Body-for-LIFE Challenge.

Body-for-LIFE: 12 Weeks to Mental Health and Physical Strength (1999, Book) – This is the best-selling fitness book of all time. It provides the "blueprint" for the Body-for-LIFE Program.

Champions Body-for-LIFE (2008, Book) – Released in 2008, this book provides tools and motivation from past Body-for-LIFE Champions.

ONLINE: – This website is the "home" of Body-for-LIFE. Peruse success stories, nutrition and workout plans from current and past Body-for-LIFE Champions, get daily inspiration from our interactive blogs or chronicle your Body-for-LIFE journey and communicate with other people following Body-for-LIFE on our Guestbook. The Body-for-LIFE website also features a Recipes database, a library of fitness tips, as well as nutrition and motivational articles. – For the latest in sports nutrition information: Discover the history and science behind EAS, order from our full line of products on our online store, or learn about our EAS-sponsored athletes. In addition, explore a full database of training, nutrition and motivational articles.

Our expert Customer Care Professionals are ready and willing to inform, inspire and answer questions regarding use of our products. Please feel free to call 1-800-297-9776.

For any other questions regarding the launching and facilitation of a Body-for-LIFE Challenge at your company, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of support will our company receive if we do the program?

A: If you choose to do the Body-for-LIFE Challenge, you will receive an Entry Kit PDF and an employee Getting Started PDF that includes printable Nutrition and Fitness guides. The program is easy to follow and does not require constant support from an outside source. We recommend that you schedule a kick-off meeting with your employees to explain the program, ask questions and generate excitement. If you need additional assistance, you can find an abundance of resources at However, if you would prefer to have step-by-step assistance, we encourage you to look into Changes that Last a Lifetime (

Q: What is the Changes That Last a Lifetime program?

A: Changes That Last a Lifetime is a paid company program that operates on the Body-for-LIFE basic principles. The goal is to make it easy to engage, promote and support your employees in their effort to improve their health. Program management includes a step-by-step action plan, promotional materials and electronic communication messages. Administration, logistics and coordination of on-site motivational and educational speakers are provided to kick off the program and inspire participants throughout the Challenge. Employees receive customized email coaching that includes a daily exercise plan, weekly meal plan with shopping lists and motivational tips. We recommend this for companies of 50 or more employees that may require additional resources. Access to an interactive CTLL website includes exercise technique demonstrations, recipes that follow the meal plans, ability to have electronic chats with fitness advisors and open discussion forums with other participants. For more information, please visit

Q: I don't feel comfortable judging my employees, what should I do?

A: We highly recommend that companies have a committee of unbiased employees judge the completed kits. Typically, the HR or Wellness team heads this. If you would like a professional, independent judging company to review your company's submissions, please contact us at for details and pricing.

Q: We do not have an on-site fitness facility. What can we do to ensure our employees have a place to work out?

A: You don't need to belong to a gym to have great success with the fitness portion of Body-for-LIFE. Many of our past Champions never set foot in a gym, and did all their workouts at home with minimal equipment. You can find workouts on,, or in the Champions Body-for-LIFE book. However, most major fitness chains offer corporate discounts to companies.

Q: My employees are asking me questions that I cannot answer, what do I do?

A: Nearly all of your questions can be answered at If you cannot find it there, please call 1-800-297-9776 or email

Q: Since Body-for-LIFE is sponsored by a company that makes sports nutrition products, my Human Resources Director is concerned that employees will be "pushed" into unwanted product purchases.

A: Although Body-for-LIFE is sponsored by EAS, a subsidiary of the Abbott Nutrition Healthy Living Division of Abbott Laboratories, that creates and markets proven sports nutrition products, the focus of Body-for-LIFE is on lifestyle change, not sports nutrition products.

Although these products may help you see results more quickly and make the nutrition portion of the program more convenient, one does not need to use sports nutrition products to achieve great success with Body-for-LIFE. If you are interested in learning how sports nutrition products can help you achieve your fitness goals, we provide a tremendous educational outlet with our on-site call center that is available five days a week to help educate all customers on proper use of our products, supplementation, nutritional tips and exercise-related questions.


Each year an estimated 300,000 U.S. adults die of obesity-related causes, and the direct cost of obesity and physical inactivity has been estimated to be 9.4% of U.S. health care expenditures ($75 billion annually).(2)(3) The Body-for-LIFE program provides an excellent worksite-based platform to facilitate employee adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors to "stem or reverse the tide" of this enormous public and occupational health issue. The program principles are simple, yet masterfully based on solid health promotion, nutrition, and exercise science, making it easy (and fun) for participants to develop, comprehend, and activate their personal plans for success.(4)

Our Challenge has been an overwhelming success! Fully 25% of our workforce (291 participants) initially accepted the Challenge and, as of week 8, over 150 remain fully compliant; to date, we have reduced by a cumulative total of 1151 pounds of body fat (an average of 7.5 pounds per participant). Over and above the individual physical and health improvements we are witnessing, there has emerged a great sense of community and relationship among participants, contributing immensely to a positive work atmosphere and climate.(4) Momentum and demand for this program has continued to build such that we will begin our second Challenge a mere 5 weeks after completing the first. I highly recommend, without reservation, the Body-for-LIFE Challenge both as a personal lifestyle choice and as an intervention to improve your population's overall health status.

The Bottom Line: Total Pounds Of Fat Lost During the 12-Weeks: 2,417 lbs.

Robin S. Baver, MD, MPH, MS, FACOEM

Medical Director

Springfield Operations

International Truck and Engine Corporation

It is really getting exciting. The Wellness Fair/ Kick-off meeting is next week and I am getting a lot of inquiries for the program. We have a lot of employees already signed up and expect many more at the Wellness Fair. People who I thought would never sign up are going to do it. It is really inspirational to see certain people give it a try to change their lives. I truly support all of those efforts. Everyone wins in the end! I am so happy with everything and the great support that Team EAS has given to Sorrento! It is definitely appreciated and would not have happened any other way. I think we are enlightening a lot of people! I look forward to the Wellness Fair to officially get this kicked off. I will keep you posted!

Thank you,

Jeffrey M. Mau

Manager, PRISM Systems

Lactalis American Group, Inc.

We would like to congratulate you in taking the first step to letting us help you incorporate Body-for-LIFE into your place of work. Body-for-LIFE has already helped change millions of people's lives and is in high demand to companies all across the world. We are truly looking forward to working together with each of you in the near future.

About EAS

Founded in 1996, EAS is recognized as the industry leader in nutritional supplements for elite athletes and active individuals. EAS distributes products domestically and internationally through direct sales and retail outlets. EAS products are formulated based on the latest scientific information, and its products have been designed to meet the standards of those who are dedicated to fitness, physique-development and athletic performance. EAS is committed to education, research and the delivery of the right products for people interested in improving their lifestyle. In 2004, EAS was acquired by Abbott Nutrition, a division of Abbott Laboratories, and now completes the Healthy Living Division portfolio, which also includes products such as Glucerna, Ensure, Similac and ZonePerfect.


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