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  • File: 3 BFL champs

    2007 Expo
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    The arms I've worked so hard for!
  • File: Amy-Gofigure

    My two favorite BFL Champs-Mike Harris and Bob Whitmore
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  • File: Armster - Before Challenge Back

  • File: Armster - After challenge front

  • File: Armster - After challenge back


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  • Blog Post: The Power of Words - Body for LIFE Champion Stephanie Workman

    I want you to stop and think for a do you speak to yourself? Do you speak to yourself with kindness or or loathing...patience or frustration? How do you speak to others? Do you poison with words or do you bless with words? You see, words are so powerful that how we use them...
  • Blog Post: Armor - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch

    Let me start by saying this has been and will be my favorite product of all time. The EAS Pro Science Armor has changed my workouts completely! I can go and go. I’m in the gym 7 days a week right now and if I wasn’t using Armor there is no way I could compete in the gym the way I do. Go buy...
  • Blog Post: Home Gyms - Just as Good as the Real Thing

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 It’s Monday morning. You’ve decided that TODAY is the day to start a new lifestyle. This new lifestyle includes healthier eating habits and a more regimented workout routine...
  • Blog Post: Greek Week

    If you are growing tired of egg whites in the morning, why not try a new lean protein option? Greek yogurt is a potential choice that may be new to you. Greek yogurt is typically found right next to the yogurt section you already shop, or sometimes in a designated organic area. To prevent any...
  • Blog Post: 3 Key Tips To Completing Your ENTIRE 12 Week Program

    Starting your 12 week Body- for -LIFE® program can be a very exciting time for many individuals. You are motivated and excited to start seeing some great changes in your body. For some people it is difficult to stay focused and motivated. Particularly in the 6 th and 7 th week, some of that motivation...
  • Blog Post: Anything is Possible! - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch

    About 4 years ago I was at my heaviest weight ever! 240 lbs and not so strong. I had 2 herniated disks in my back and couldn't do anything active. So I was depressed, and I ate. The funny thing is when we eat, we get more depressed, but we seem to not be able to stop. That’s when I ...
  • Blog Post: EAS® Reload - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Hello everyone! Andrew here to discuss the power and genius behind EAS® Reload. I use it personally, and I’m so proud to say that. In today’s industry of health and fitness...
  • File: 8 / 9 week progress doing BFL

    I was just told about this community forum today and am SO happy to see it here and you all. I started my transformation in March and have already made progress. My next challenge will most definitely involve food planning! :) Post Baby - fun!
  • Blog Post: Encouraging Others To Do BFL

    Congratulations on taking the first step to completing your 12 week Body For LIFE® program! At first, when you are starting the program, you may feel very motivated and feel there is no way you will not complete the whole 12 weeks. As time goes on though, it can become more difficult, and you may...
  • Blog Post: The Free Day!

    Body-for-LIFE® requires us to be structured and disciplined for twelve weeks. During that time, we focus on planning meals, finding time to cook and exercise, grocery shopping, and whether it’s our upper body or lower body day! Among all that planning and structure, it is hard to adjust to...
  • Blog Post: Morning Motivation

    Whether you’re familiar with Body-for-LIFE, or new to the program, you have probably heard that the 20 Minute Aerobic Solution is most effective when performed in the morning on an empty stomach. If you are not a “morning person,” this can be a very difficult habit to make. For...
  • Blog Post: Food Can’t Hug You Back: Overcoming Using Food to Cope With Stress

    At some point in most of our lives, there are obstacles to healthy living. They can be physical, emotional or both; temporary or permanent. It’s what we choose to do in the moment of most difficulty that steers our intentions. Different people deal with stress in different ways. When some people...
  • Blog Post: Generation (I Want It) "Now" Needs to Take Time to Heal

    Everybody gets weighed down by the occasional cold or flu bug. A lot of people are burdened by seasonal allergies, too. Some people are naturally prone to small injuries, impingement, or pain in joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons. These things are just a part of life that we don’t really like...
  • File: 4.5 weeks

  • File: 4.5 weeks