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  • Forum Post: Results of my first Challenge - Not what I expected

    Well I finally finished my first challenge. I am thrilled that I made it through the entire thing but I was very bummed out as I neared the end ad began to realize that I was still hanging on to quite a lot of body fat. I gained a lot of muscle and I DID lose some inches so I know the program works....
  • Forum Post: My Body-for-LIFE transformation pics!!

    Firstly, I apologise to those who've been waiting to see my results. After a little drama with my computer, all is finally sorted. :) I'm very happy with my results to date. I've still got a bit of work to do yet, but am more determined than ever to work towards looking as good on the outside...
  • Forum Post: Lifestyle Change - Journey Diary

    week one starting weight 201 pounds 3/18/2013 Second week and have drop 3 pounds 3/24/2013 Week 3 and had lost 9 pounds 192 pounds 4/1/2013 Week 4 and lost 3 pounds 189.0 4/7/2013 Week 5 and lost a pound 188.0 4/14/2013
  • Forum Post: End of week 4 Progress pics

    Didn't think I was making much progress until I reviewed my progress pictures! I am definetly getting some definition which is exciting!