Week 4 Progress

WK 4 I am seeing a huge difference! My abdomen doesn't even look pregnant anymore! I think all the clean eating and all the sweating out of toxins during my workouts is bringing down the bloat. My body is look a lot tighter now.

Funny, the scale has only budged 2lbs down but my clothes are looser.. down a dress size!! My muscles are really starting to show definition now and I have friends  tell me how great I look and asked how much weight Ive lost.. crazy! Love it!

  • Week 4 Progress

    Hi!  You look great.  I am glad you are feeling great, too.  I have some questions for you.  What are you eating?  I am following the BFL diet plan but I feel like I am eating a ton of carbs and with the shakes I feel like I am eating too many chemicals.  Thanks!