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  • Forum Post: Re: I have made progress! Go figure!

    MyDecade~ You look fantastic!!!!! Are you on week 8 and going in 9 on monday? Push hard in the final weeks ~ You got this girl.
  • Forum Post: Week 9 Progress Photo

    Hi everyone! Here is a photo of week 1 compared to week 9. I have done this challenge twice before three years ago but fell off the wagon last year because I was prescribed some medication (Elavil) that made me gain weight. I gained 30 pounds! I read one of the various uses of the medication is to...
  • Forum Post: 8 weeks -15lbs TBM -7lbs LBM... NOT GOOD!

    Hey guys, I'm just completing week 8. I feel stronger, and I'm seeing VERY modest improvements in my progress pictures. BUT, I took body fat measurements and something must be wrong with my diet. REALLY DISCOURAGED! I've lost about 15lbs over the course of 8 weeks, but nearly half of my weight...