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    Hello fellow fitness folks, I am coming to you guys in need of some assistance with my website that I started about 2 months ago. Although it provides some good information, I want your guys' opinions on how I could make it better whether that be new topics, a tool or resource of some sort, or...
  • Forum Post: Weights workout!!!.......Can you help????

    After reading the Body-for-life book I am nearly ready to go. I just have 1 question I'm hoping someone could help me, as I don't think its very clear in the book. In the book Bill gives an example of one of his upper body work outs, now do you follow that exact workout for the whole 12 weeks...
  • Forum Post: Finding the starting weight with the intensity level

    Finding the starting weight with the intensity level. A little about I work at UPS Anchorage Alaska I move cans away up to 3000 10,000 pounds I like to push myself I'm doing weights or endurance.