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  • Forum Post: Re: Getting too skinny - Want more muscle

    KMsBFL & fit4life - I think you guys are on the money for doing fewer reps, and eating an increased amount of protein. The book I use for dumbbell training also has reduced nos. of reps. I'll check Arnold's Bodybuilding encyclopedia and see what it says, as well. I think you can do essentially...
  • Forum Post: We're All Bodybuilders

    ............it's just a question of the quality of the craftmanship. Jacium
  • Forum Post: RE: 60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

    I'll be doing it, because I started BFL April 6, 2009, and I've never stopped. I'm 56, but according to my others I don't look it. I lost 65 lbs. over about 9 months, and I'm down 70 - 80 lbs from my peak weight in 2005. I found that to really burn off the weight, I had to be much...
  • Forum Post: Anniversary Celebration

    Started my first official challenge 4/6/09 => 4/6/13. Celebrated today by doing a double workout. Cardio (Life Fitness elliptical) + Lower Body. Have moved squats up to 270 lbs. on Hammer V-Squat machine. I couldn't stop now if I wanted to - but why would I want to?