Starting the second challenge on 10/21/13

  • I just finished my first challenge on 10/19/2013. It was a great experience for me. I like to continue the 2nd challenge on next week. Is there anyone who likes to join with me for the next journey? My goal is to lose another 7-10 lbs and maintain the weight. Enjoy the BFL healthy lifestyle.

    My beginning data:

    Weight: 115lb, waist: 75cm,hip 90cm, thigh 53cm, arm: 24.5cm

    The starting day is 10/21/2013.


    Little Elephant






  • I just came back from the hospital. My brain has the small tumor which affects my eyes. My eyes got dry and tired easily. Today is my first day. The food has been clean. I'll start with a strong UBWO. I'm excited about this new journey!

  • I am in period today. So I will stop the 20 min cardio workout and make it up on free day. The food wasn't so consistent due to series of things happened in my life. There has been many social events lately. Many old classmates invited me for dinners or lunches, I have tried to avoid the unhealthy foods. However, my food can't be as clean as it should be.

  • I did the LBWO after the Yoga. I fell in sleeping on the floor. Yoga made me relaxing from inside of myself. Today, I will have 20 min cardio workout. I am excited about it. The food was cleaning.

  • I missed 6 days exercise due to the trip to HK. I didn't eat too bad during my trip. Although I had a couple of dinner meeting with the friends over there, I only ordered the light salad, pizza and dimsum. It's not so bad, right? I came home and did the 20 min. cardio workout.

  • I got the 20 minutes workout done then UBWO. They were done well. My food for today was clean. I am excited about my progress. I found the time for second challenge passed fast compared to the first one. It was already day 15. I missed 4 workout so far due to my trip. I am still very motivated! The people on this forum have been great and supportive. I really enjoyed staying here to take this journey with everybody. :-) The workout and food are both important in this competition. It's going to be very tough and difficult on the long run, because everyone has the laziness and bordness. I want to keep my freshness on daily base and workout diligently with everyone here. We know there is new battle everyday. We fight with illness, jobless, homeless, addiction, depression in our daily journey, we need to be focused, strong, persistent and fresh. Let's not give up and stay on track. No matter what difficulty we experienc right now, we won't give up. We will continue to experience the blessing if we keep praying. The GOD will listen to our praying and request. He will give us the strength and power to win the battle. He will provide us with the right tool and method. I believe it.

  • I have been feeling tired since I got up 4:45am. I spent time on packaging some donation staff. It's done now. But I lost motive to do exercise. I didn't eat clean. I will get back on track tomorrow and no free day for this week.

  • Don't can do this!

  • It was a good 20min cardio workout. My food was clean today. I will make up the UBWO on Sunday. I got back on the horse back.

    How are you doing? Mariab1

  • I did the UBWO today. I was happy I did it.

  • The 20 min cardio workout was great. The food has been clean.

  • Today, I managed to finish the LBWO. I am still on track. However, I need to keep my food clean. For example, I missed my lunch and instead ate some snacks later. This wasnot good at all. I should be more strick on what I ate daily. I will improve this tomorrow.

  • I couldn't get up yesterday because my back was hurt. After visiting the doctor, he diagonosed it was just the outside connection of the bone on the back injured. That was caused by inproper lifting and lying on the bed. I took the clinic message with medicine. That was so effective. I could walk almost normally again. I had to give myself 1 week break to rest without any body for life exercise. Although I missed my workout totally, I have to just relax. This was no fun. With the pain on the back, I couldn't run and lift the weights. lol.

  • I will start to lift the weights on Monday. My back is fine now and I will need to make some change on my quadriceps exercise. Motivation is still high. The food has been clean for last two weeks. :0)

  • Did the UBWO, it went well. although I didn't do any lifting for two weeks. The eating is complianced with the requirement. :)