Mighty Max's Evolution... & Accountability Thread

  • Nope, no milk, but Myoplex Lite has milk protein concentrate. :) It also contains soy protein, but in isolate form. I am totally digging twist-off tops on the shakes these days. I'm easily entertained though...but then again, you already knew this! haha I will check out Carlson's when I am close to finishing the stash I have. Hugz, my love! You inspire me. ;)

  • Learning to cook has been a challenge for me.  I've had trouble grasping the art and even the most basic of skills.  Tonight I am so proud!  I made chicken breast seared with Herbs De Provence, garlic, horseradish-mustard, and in almond oil. On the side, a delicious portion of roasted broccoli. I was going to make grilled cinnamon sweet potato for my carb, but this took every bit of my cooking energy. I'll be having a granny smith apple after. 

    And not a smoke alarm was heard... which is something different for me.  :)

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  • We've got that in common... being easily entertained.  xoxo to you MK!  And you know what?  YOU inspire me.  You keep trying.  You keep getting up.  That counts for something.  That counts for everything.  

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  • i am starting the BFL challange for the first time.But I have a few questions, the first being, i dont intend on purchasing the shakes that are talked about, i plan on eating the 6meals per day, I understand the concept of eating the protein the size of my palm, and the carbs the size of my fist , but do i do that for all 6 meals? I get breakfast, lunch and supper basically. I am wondering what to eat for the other 2-3 meals/snacks. Any suggestions?

  • OH and also, i cant eat nuts of any kind. My son has a severe allergy, and we dont eat them at all.

  • Fizz:

    You've made a great decision about taking control of your life and health... and doing it with BFL!

    Shakes aren't required, nor necessary, but may I ask why you're so against?  For me they are a huge part of my success.  It makes preparing meals much easier when it's only so many.  An argument can certainly be made for all 6 meals being whole food, so not saying you're doing wrong... more just wondering.  

    As for your question... the same portions for all 6 meals.  Don't think of it as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then 3 "other".  Think of it as 6 meals.  It's okay on no nuts.  I cooked with almond oil tonight, being I'm toying with Paleo, though don't suggest nuts on the BFL Challenge.  It really doesn't add to anything you need and most go overboard, anyway.  

    I don't know your preferences, of course.  It was common for me to make two portions and just have the same thing for 2 in a row, or twice that day.  For a more "snack" like meal....

    greek yogurt with just a tiny portion of blueberries

    a few hard boiled eggs + a piece of fruit

    if you'll do whey powder (and just not shake meal replacements), then a shooter of protein powder (mixed with water) + an apple (a staple of mine)

    This is tough... I guess because I eat a lot of meat and drink a lot of shakes don't worry about having it be like a snack.  

    I love the tuna packets.  They are portable, portioned, easy to clean-up from, etc.  

    shrimp, like for shrimp cocktail and using lemon + whatever portable carb

    a veggie platter + cottage cheese + cherries

    cottage cheese with cantaloupe

    Please do not get roped into things like string cheese or snack packs, or any of that.  

    Gosh.  I hope this helps.

    ~ Jessica

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Mission learn to cook has me with a full belly, and huge blister on my left hand knuckle.  I made grass-fed steak, which I've learned takes a lower temperature, a delicious mushroom medley, though I've learned you're not supposed to rinse mushrooms, and cinnamon baked sweet potato fries, which were totally winning. 

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  • Mission learn to cook annoyed my neighbors last night, you know, with the smoke alarm going off and all.  Oh well.  I'm learning.  Cooking for myself is part of how I'm going to honor my self promises, from a physical health, as well as financial perspective.  Maybe I won't be a gourmet.  Maybe I'll still go out more than some, especially in a city where it's common for singles in their 30's to go out a lot, but I need to master at least a few breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.  I'm trying new things, and really enjoying those things I love, but didn't used to have a lot, just because of my cooking stills, like broccoli.  I love the little green trees!  

    I took most of this week off from the gym because of my asthma.  Come to find out it was a bad sinus infection that didn't present at first.  My asthma kicked because essentially all of my soldiers were fighting one battle, so none were left for the breathing one.  

    Oh, the blister is healing, but needs a layer of Neosporin, especially before and after I wash my hands.  Hot water is the worst.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I was looking at your pics and your numbers. Im blown away. Its truly amazing.  Why do you suppose your results were stronger the 3rd time around? Did u change your eating patterns? Did you increase the intensity in the gym on the 3rd challenge. Im just curious on what was different the 3rd time--besides the mental part of it that you describe. I am the type of person who researches the heck out of something before I do it. And if someone else has done it before me--I like to pick their brain on what worked for them and what didn't. Im sure everyone will have differernt results--but I am definetly interested in hearing more about your 2nd and 3rd challenge! My start day is on Sunday! So excited to get this ball rolling!

  • OMG, IWillGetFit, we are so alike!  I am a researcher.  I like to know.  I need to understand.  It's not that I don't believe someone else, as is sometimes the perception, it's that understanding allows me to implement.

    And thank you for the huge compliment.  I appreciate it very much.  

    Hummmm.  I knew a lot more the 2nd time around than 1st, where I didn't do nearly as well.  The difference between the 2nd and 3rd, which is what you asked... it didn't include much additional knowledge about how to run a contest, if you will.  The difference was mindset.  I gained the weight back after the 2nd challenge first between my ears.  I didn't feel worthy.  Actually... I felt downright guilty, like I wasn't allowed to have such happiness.  The 3rd challenge, though very similar to the 2nd in how it was done with my nutrition, (though I must say workouts were more intense during the 3rd), was mostly different because I focused on genuinely BEING a champion, not just looking like one, if that makes sense.  

    I reminded myself why I was doing it.  84 days can feel long.  People tend to ease up.  I know you asked for specifics, not the mental, but the mental got me through the specifics.  I knew WHY I was doing it, which allowed me to choose best options, versus simply "approved" ones.  

    I have looked and looked at those 2 sets of pictures, and sometimes am unsure if it's obvious that I did better this 3rd time, in absence of seeing the numbers.  I can tell you it was different, though.  I'm here.  I'm still going.  I know I'm worth this and so much more.  Day 84 wasn't the "end", but in this case, the beginning.  

    Come to think of it, though my nutrition was very alike, there were some minor differences that were perhaps major.  I eliminated things like PB2.  It really has no value.  I didn't find little ways to treat myself.  The treat was in doing this for me.  Oh, wait... another HUGE difference... reasonable free days, and usually just one free meal.  No more binging.  There's nothing about binge eating that supports my cause, me.  Just because you "can" on free day doesn't mean you should.  It's bad for your results, and more importantly, bad for YOU.  

    So yes... I guess I did do things differently, I figured out while writing this, but the thing of it is that those changes weren't just about actions.  Those things all stemmed from mindset.  

    I am so incredibly excited for you.  Please come here often.  This is a great group.  Ask all the questions you want.  Let us know how you're doing.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I'm not a parent.  Let's be honest, at 37, I just recently learned how to take care of and be responsible for myself.  Sometimes I forget the influence we have on children, given it's not part of my daily life.  I have a cousin in the area with 2 daughters, 7 and 3.  While talking with the parents about my workouts, and being proud of having gotten stronger, the 7 year old very proudly interrupted, because she just had to tell and then show me that she could do a push-up.  I was proud!  

    ... and then... not to be outdone, the 3 year old proclaimed, "I can pick my nose".  Well there you go!

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  • Thanks for explaining.  Those details are important to us newbies. Day one is in the books for me.& im feeling good!

  • I hope it helped, and please ask away... anything.  

    Today I did a strength training workout focused on Olympic lifts.  It made me feel powerful.  I am so excited about everything possible!  What I really want is to be able to do a handstand push-up, and to do a one handed handstand, and have someone take a picture of me waving.  Let's be honest... that's wicked awesome!  

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  • Today was very humbling, which is good.  I got out of my comfort zone, which is as it sounds, uncomfortable.  It should also be noted that I have some OCD.  I like order, routine, and am even predictable when being unpredictable.  Actively choosing to learn new skills has forced me to get out of my box... and in this case get into the box.  ...the CrossFit box.  I 100% believe in BFL, the whole of it.  Please don't think otherwise.  I wanted to learn things that I couldn't on my own, given my mirroring visual skills aren't honed, and I tend to have some trouble with coordination.  Basically... I needed a coach to really show and in this case, constantly correct me.  I'm learning different grips, which I'm finding isn't easy at all.  I'm great with Olympic lifts... THANK YOU, BFL.  It's the multi-stepped stuff that I'm just not grasping.  I would love to report that I'm picking it up quickly, but to be honest, I think I might be the "slow kid".  Maybe that's just my need to be the best filter.  IDK.  And you know what?  I'm going to keep going.  I plan on returning to my traditional BFL program, though am giving CF a solid 6 months.  It's ironically BFL that's allowed me to detour from BFL.  I just would have never had the confidence before this, and if I think it's hard now... WOW.  Can you imagine pre-BFL?  I would have quit by the end of the 1st week.  Keep going, my friends.  That's what I've learned from BFL!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Good for you!!! I think thats great!! Will you still be posting here? Hope so!