Hey Folks,

Finished my first challenge and looking better than I did when I started. ;-) I'm finding that as I start my second challenge of BFL Monday that I'd REALLY like to kick it up a notch with the nutrition side of things. With that said, like most people, I appreciate convenience. I want it to be as easy as possible in the kitchen to make sure that I have the best chance at succeeding on that side of things. The first round of BFL I did food prep and ate 80%-90% clean. The idea of doing this again so soon is daunting.  I know i'm supposed to have fallen in love with this as a lifestyle, but it's a journey for me. With that said, i love the work outs and know that w/ some slight modifcations in the kitchen, I will complete my second challenge. 

I have little issue with hitting my 10s and getting to the gym.  I lost 5 Lbs now (The miracle drop in weight happened for me after the 12 weeks!), 3 inches around my waist and chest, etc. happy. but looking to kickstart my body w/ something different for the next month. 

I have a friend who I approached about herbalife. The ideas of meal replacement shakes make me leap for joy. If I only have to worry about eating a balanced meal once or twice a day, and replacing the rest w/ shakes and vitamins, etc --- I think I want to do this -- not long term, but for maybe the first month. 

I know this is not ideal that real food is good for sustainment and I would plan on getting back to it. So I get all of that. If someone wants to lecture me on it, I have to say I totally get what you're saying. But maybe instead, you might address my main concern: I do not want Herbalife products to make me "lose weight" quickly by draining my muscles of water. I worked hard on the first 12 weeks of BFL and I don't want to UNDO THAT progress. Would switching to meal replacement smoothies for the next month to kick start my body fat percentage loss (in order to show these very muscles) do this? 

Does anyone have experience w/ combining Herbalife with BFL. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback on my BFL journey.