pls help, just starting out

  • I've done the bfl before like 10 yrs ago when i was much younger, now i'm 40 and have not thyroid and am very nervous about starting, any tips?

    Carinda Estes

  • I say if your thyroid is being monitored by a doctor then there is no reason not to jump in with both feet and go for it.  The only thing that has changed in the past ten years is your age, and maybe your body.  The program is the same.  No need to put it off anymore, go for it!  You can do this!  I would suggest you re-read the book, and plan out your workouts and menus.  Good luck!

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  • Follow the diet and put an honest effort in at the gym and you will see results.

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  • LOL @ Cleet68      ...   Wise, you are.  

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  • I'm 37 and I'm now almost half way through my 2nd 12 weeks...started in Sept 2013.  It's a little more challenging compared to when I "kinda" tried it in my 20's, but still very enjoyable.  The best part is that I'm in better shape than a lot of the 20 year olds in the gym that don't know what they are doing!  Just be careful and stretch more before exercising...things need to be loosened up a bit first.  Also, be really careful with just regular lifting and not keeping good form (for example just putting a dumbbell back on a rack.)  It's those times when you aren't focused on lifting that you can pull something just doing something silly like putting a weight back.  

  • STEPHEND!  Way to go! You are doing great!

    Get a hold on this in your 30's, because the 40's are harder again... and the 50's.... I'm 53 now (forgot that last night) when doing lunges for the first time in this challenge (C4 Week 2)... strided out and almost did myself a bad injury, warmed up on the crosstrainer, but didn't stretch - idiot! Then went to put a dumbbell on the ground and it wrenched my already very sore and stressed out thumb ( carpal tunnel and arthritis)....  But we find a way to keep on keeping on!

    All the best!

    CLEAT68! That used to be the tag on one of my past champion buddy's - Michelle - MaddisonAL and boy does she "just do"!

    CARINDA! If you've done it before you know it works, it's only 12 weeks and it's basically sound nutrition, can't see how that can hurt anyone really...., you can re-assess what affect it has after and adjust if needed - and 40 isn't old lady! DO IT!


  • I have done it about four times over a 12 year period. My tip is don't be nervous. It worked for you before and it will work for you again. Congratulations on starting and I look forward to seeing you progress.