Update on progress with Picture

  • Ok, these are not the best pix but like I told others before, they were not meant for sharing but then I decided to do so anyway.

    First one was beginning of Challenge 1 back in July

    Second one was beginning of Challenge 2 in October

    Third one was beginning of Challenge 3 where I am right now. I have reached my goal weight and now am striving to lose additional belly fat and tone further and lose 5 extra pounds just to give me room to do the yoyo thing during holidays. Last 5 lbs are always the hardest to lose so I don't ever want to have to gain more then that.

    Also for encouragement... when not seeing results, just keep going and take pictures. They speak louder in the end then the scale does. According to scale I didn't accomplish much during Challenge 2 until I took the January picture and compared. If not for the picture I would have felt Challenge 2 was all a waste of time and effort. For more pix and stats of Challenge 1 resluts, you may view my profile. I will take better pictures after Challenge 3, maybe professional ones.


  • Greetings SorayaRosaria,  Looks like you are on course for another successful Challenge with great results again. Thanks for the updates.  I am still planning to start my next Challenge (C4) in APril and by then the gym should be back to reasonable with accessibility to free weights in order to maintain correct workout flow or at least close to it. I am also looking into getting some dumbell bars with quick collars in order to beat the ..I don't return it to the rack or hoard the weight crowd as well. Will check in to MFPL soon when I start my Mens Fitness program soon. Keep Moving Forward !!!