Shocking Muscles

  • Does BFL recommend switching up the exercises after so much time to keep the muscles guessing. Or do we use same exercises throughout entire program? Advice appreciated.  Thankyou, otters17


  • Just wondering if there is a plan for plateau's and such. Thankou

  • Just wondering if there is a plan for plateau's and such. Thankou

  • Greetings, The way the BFL program is set up kind of automatically shocks the system by alternating the various exercises from week to week so the program also doesn't get stale for your body. Cardio should be changed from time to time as well to provide the same effect as well (alternating or moving it in the workout position during the weeks of challenge or even changing cardio type, for ie I did rowing several time during my last challenge to vary things a bit).

  • Bill Phillips has a plan called the 5/25 that I incorporated after my challenge.  Not so much to shock muscles, but so I couldn't get bored.  You can look into that.

  • It varies from person to person, but I think more who are seasoned switch things up every 3 weeks, giving you 4 swiches in a Challenge.  I don't personally like switching each week, but know some do.  For me, it doesn't work because then I don't have a sense of improvement.  I know a few who are ripped who love doing it this way.  The shock is really in the High Point method, but yes, do change things.  This is to hit the muscles from different angles, round out your abilities, get the stablilizers, etc. 

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  • I personally need change otherwise I get bored. But also I knew variation was necesary so that the muscles don't get too used to the same thing and then not respond as effectively. I just didn't know HOW often to change up. So, in Challenge One I did change up things more often then what I am doing now. I did one Cardio exercise only for 2 weeks and then change it. Eg. two weeks running HIIT, then biking HIIT, then climbing HIIT, etc. And for Lifting I changed up every 4 weeks. Hitting the same muscle groups but through different exercises which gets a different angle. So really, every 2 weeks something was changing, either Cardio or Lifting. The only problem with that is that I was sore the WHOLE 12 weeks, like with no break. Because every time you introduce a new routine to the muscles, they are sore the next few days, even if just in a significant weight increase. I did feel happy with my results though at the end of the challenge, but this time around I am not switching up that often. I want my body to not be sore for 12 weeks straight. Now I will do the same lifting routine for 6 weeks, only increase weights when I am not challenged enough anymore. And Cardio I plan to do the same routine the whole time because I am doing Insanity for Cardio and each day it is a new workout so you never get bored or stuck in a rut.


  • I also change my exercises every 4 weeks.  I didn't for my first challenge, mostly because I was focusing on form.  Throughout the year, I've learned that I have actually enjoyed switching and trying new things, something I wasn't too crazy about before.

  • They say variety is the spice of life, so I throw some twists in every month or two.  I don't get too bored, though, the endorphin release I get prevents that.


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