60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • I am a 60 year old YOUNG female starting my third Challenge for 2012 on July 4th.  I was disappointed with the slow results of my first Challenge but that didn't stop me, I kept showing up and working at it.  In my second Challenge I gave 100% to my exercise program, cleaned up my diet, added EAS Lean 15 shakes twice a day and Betagen with Rivigor twice a day, and almost tripled my weight loss from my first Challenge. I am sure the EAS Lean 15 and the Betagen with Rivigor made this change possible. At this point I have lost 22 pounds and 21.5 inches.  I was so pumped!!!  Now I am going into my third Challenge for 2012 strong and proud.  If you are struggling with your progress - DON'T GIVE UP!!!  Take a look at what you are eating, your excercise plan, your supplments, your state of mind, and just keep grindin' - you will be so happy with yourself if you just keep showing up and working at it!

  • Thanks for the wise and encouraging words...I am a YOUNG 53 year old female started yesterday...still getting organized and figuring things out.  Formerly in very good shape...gained 15 pounds since my son's wedding last year!  Yikes!  Enough is enough!  Here we go!   Melarie :)

  • Hi Melarie - great to hear from you!  Glad you're getting back on track :)  Getting organized is so important.  I really didn't get fully organized until I was in the 8th week of my first challenge.  After that I took inventory of where I was and what I was doing or "not" doing, and I made changes.  But I think the best thing I did was add the EAS Lean 15 shakes (love the vanilla the best for me) and Betagen with Rivigor.  It seems like I got a great energy boost from adding those and my weight loss tripled on the second challenge - so, consider those for supplements.  It seems like as we get older, the pounds that come to visit us NEVER want to leave!!!  We have to work 2-3 times harder than the younger crew and get less to eat!!!  So, put your battle gear on and start the fight for your life!  Keep grindin' Melarie - talk with you soon - LacyJ

  • Hi Melarie - Just checking in to see how it is going for you?  Miss seeing you on here!!! Keep grindin' girl :)

  • I am so glad to hear you had great results on the Betagen.  I just finished week 1 (did this 10 yesars ago with great success) and I am waiting for my shipment of Betagen as I write this.  I use the Lean 15 bars and shakes also.  I havent heard many people talk about the betagen - it's very hard to find, even in Los Angeles, so I have to order on the net.

    Thanks for sharing, I know I will have great sucess also!!

  • Hi Shellbells :) Great to hear from you and good luck with your Challenge. I also have to order the Betagen from EAS as I haven't found it anywhere either. All I know is I lost 6 pounds the first Challenge and 16 pounds the second challenge after adding the Lean15 shakes and the Betagen. I had more energy also after starting the shakes and Betagen.  I cleaned up my diet and stuck to my workout plan and had much better results.  How did your first week go?  I was 8 weeks into my first Challenge before I "got" it!!  Okay Shellbells - go out and make it a GREAT Day! LacyJ

  • Hi LacyJ!  Today is the fist day of my second week.  My week went great....great workouts (didnt miss any) good well put together meals....It came back to me really quicky as I did BFL 10 years ago - lost 50 lbs and did the plan for 2 years.  But we had some family stuff that was so horrible, I ended up in deep depression and literally wanted to kill myself.  So I spent 8 years of my life being In that horrible place.  gained the weight back and more....SO hard to admit I did this to myself.  But I have FINALLY pulled myself up out of the depths and here I am, to do it all over again.

    Last week made me realize how much I love this lifestyle....what happened was good because It made me realize we are never "cured" and we have to work at it everyday.

    Betagen didnt exist back then (I dont think) as I dont remember it. I cant wait to get it....today I felt like you...muscles just get tired and I really think I can do more.

    My husband is doing this will me so I will let you know what his sucess is like on Betagen too...

    question:  when do you take the betagen?  Before workouts?

    Your amazing, thanks for sharing your sucess!

  • Wow!  I can totally relate to your story Shellbells. I have a rare blood cell cancer that I have been on chemotherapy for 2 years so far and will be on the rest of my life (I am currently in remission). Hopefully I can stay in remission or tolerate the chemo for as long as it works!!! During the past 4 years I lost my marriage, my hair, threw up my guts, felt like I lost it all and looked like it too!!  I like you, let myself go and then Jan 2nd, 2012 I woke up too :)  I vowed that the year 2012 would be the BEST year of my life and the beginning of the rest of my life . . . . . and it has been that and more!!!  Not just that I lost some weight, look better and feel better - but, since going to the gym I have met some great friends there, I have been able to help some other people at the gym feel better about themselves and just kind of "paying it forward."  It was a rough pathway to be on but from that pathway have come great blessings!  So, just put that time behind you - give yourself the gift of a great life - and pay it forward too :)  I wish you and your husband the best in your transformations.  Look forward to hearing more from you :) LacyJ

  • Hey Melanie - haven't heard from you in awhile - hope all is going well for you and you are workin' it! LacyJ

  • You are TRULY an inspiration......really.  God Bless you and this broken road you have been on to get here.  Yours is a story that needs to be told....because there is NO excuses, right?  Even if the Chemo doesnt make you actively sick, it's hard to maintain strength, balance and persistence through that...Of course, I am stating the obvious here.  But mental illness or phsyical illness it's all a BAD place to be.  I have been truly unhealthy in my life...I have had 11 abdominal surgeries, had more organs and garbage removed than I care to remember - I look like a road map (and not a pretty one) but I know I have a purpose for my life.  I feel strongly you have a HUGE purpose in yours.  Thanks for sharing and I know I will be talking to you soon!!

  • Hi Shellbells :)  How is it going this week?  Hope you are planning the work and working the plan!  LacyJ

  • Hey lacy!  You have inspired me.  I am right on plan.  Both food and workouts!

    I got the BĂȘtagen because of you!  So far love love love it and it's only been 2days!  My body is recovering so much better and it makes me feel great!  Also love the taste!  You rock!

    I just found out I will be a grandma again (third one!!!). Soooo excited!

    BTW -  been bragging about you to our little forum group!  How's your week going???

  • It has been 2 days since I started (July 24), and I must say, this is intense!  So much to think about, such drastic changes, trying to understand what to eat and how much.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed!  The program doesn't provide much information about portions, or how to fit in fruit (there are only 4 fruits listed online), and so on.  But after reading all of your wonderful posts, I am feel better about this!  You are so inspiring, all of you.  Doesn't matter if it is your first day or you have been doing this for awhile - you are all amazing.  Hopefully I can amaze myself in 12 weeks!  

    Thank you all for sharing, and thanks Lacy for sharing and coaching!


  • Oy, I have so many questions!  How many servings come in the 7.77 oz cannister?

  • Hi Shellbells - Happy  Friday!!! Glad you got the Betagen and like it.  I take mine right after my workout and I have one in the afternoon at 3:00 pm when I do a second shake for my snack.  My week is going well.  I didn't miss any workouts and stayed on my food program.  I have chemo next week, so, I will have to pull some inner strength to pull that off and not miss any workouts!!  

    Congrats on being a grandma for the third time :)  I have 5 grandkids and they keep me energized every time we get together.  

    So here's a little tip I do to sometimes give me the "inner" strength I need to keep going strong:  I bought some bandanas (you know men's big colored handkerchiefs) in all colors at Walmart - $1 each.  I cut them into strips, and I tie one around my left wrist every day when I go to the gym.  When I think I can't finish my workout, I touch my wrist with my band on it, and remember why I wore it and what inner strength I need to do to finish my workout. It is surprising but looking at that band and the reason I wore it helps me.  Of course, you know I color coordinate each band to my workout outfit - HA!

    Okay - hope you are having a great day!  Just go out and fight for it girl!  Til we talk again - LacyJ