BFL Challenge Completion Certificates for 2011

  • Greetings Fellow BFL Forum members,  Just wondering if EAS will be sending out the Body for LIfe succesful completion of a BFL Challenge certificates this year for last years Challengers (2011)? Just curious about this.  I had my last one reduced to card size and laminated to show to my doctor this year when we had our discussion about BMI in October, it helped to make a point on the positive direction I am now headed towards for health goals.

  • Good Question!

    I submitted mine online in May. I would love to have something from EAS.

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  • Just an update on this ...Got a message from Brittany on BFL team and she mentions that Certificates will be going out this year ...they are just not sure yet about a date on the send out just yet. Try to keep everyone posted on this blog site.

  • Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about an update on the certificates of BFL Challenge completion yet. I haven't received any updates to my conversation as of yet.

  • News Flash,  Just received a message from BFL that the Certificates of BFL Challenge completion would be sent out sometime in the next two weeks to those who entered and finished a challenge last year!  Yeah!!

  • Hopefully all or most all of you have received your Certificates of Successful Challenge Completion for 2011 by now.. If not they should arrive soon, and be sure to check your regular mail for the white envelope with the cardboard insert to protect the certificate. Thanks to BFL/ EAS for sending this inspirational recognition out to all our fellow challengers from 2011!!! Keep Moving Forward!!!