Coming up on my fifth year mark; still in search of the elusive abs; does anyone have a suggestion for an abs-friendly diet?

  • Greetings:

    I lost over 80 lbs. over the past four years on the BFL system and currently weigh 155 lbs, pretty lean except my mid-section is slightly pudgy.  As my next challenge, I want to get really great abs.  They say thath abs are made in the kitchen.

    My plan is to cut down on my free day splurge (which is coming in at 3,500 calories) and adopt some serious life changes with regard to my eating habits (like cutting out bread altogether).

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a fail-proof diet designed to cut belly fat in six months?

    My only problem is in cooking veggies at work.  I just can't do that..

    Thanks for any suggestions.





  • Congrats on your transformation that is awesome and hope to be there some day soon!  Check out Hussman Fitness, should point you in the right direction.  Where you at currently body fat wise?  You need to get to about 10% body fat according to him.  You should be able to burn off 2-3 lbs of body fat a week to get there.  Keep us posted on your progress would leave to see the goal owned by you!

  • Google ABS bootcamp. It's a 15mns daily work out that excusively focuses on them and insert it into your daily routine. Start at your own level and build up as you get better. As far as the balance between the food intake and out. If you still have fat on. that means you eat more than your "spend".

    "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory." – Ralph Waldo Emerson---

  • That's the whole reason BFL works: it uses the basics with nothing fancy and nothing fashionable. Get a calorie deficit and eat the right stuff while in deficit, so you don't get malnourished. The size of the abs and the body fat percentage are what determine the visibility of the abs.