PLEASE - Question re doing BFL in 4 or 5 days rather than 6

  • Hey folks,

    I have this week off as week 2 of my active break, however my activity has been eating - lol... no last week was, this week im more on track.  So im thinking i may do C2 starting in a week.  Im so not keen on doing 6 days as my timetable and location around the city i live is all over the place, the gym is near my home, but i often stay with my BF on the other side of the city, so impossible to get to gym.

    Does any1 have an idea how i might be able to do BFL over a 4 or 5 day period, or even still having a great programme on less days, i know the results may not be as good, but better than doing nothing. I know it's best to do 6, but im being realistic with myself also for C2.


    Cheers : )

  • First, a disclosure statement: I believe it is essential to follow the original BFL program during a participant's initial challenge in order to have a full understanding of the program and its principals. Then after a successful challenge (or two or three), make modifications for the long haul.

    Spinney - For my third challenge, I have been working out five days a week:

    • Monday - HIIT cardio (adding abs and obliques)
    • Tuesday - upper body workout (chest, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps)
    • Wednesday  - HIIT cardio
    • Thursday - lower body workout (quads, hamstring, calves, glutes, hip adductors, hip abductors)
    • Friday -  HIIT cardio (adding abs and obliques)
    • I still eat per BFL guidelines six days per week.

    Negatives - progress has been slower, but I expected that going in. I am also not sure whether the slowdown is due to fewer workouts per week or this being my third challenge.

    Positives - Workout-free weekends fits my family schedule much better and I am less stressed. I know that with fewer workouts I have to make each one count, as a result I have not missed a single workout since beginning this challenge on June 13 and I am pushing myself harder during both cardio and weight-lifting workouts.

    I think that experienced and extremely motivated participants could manage a three day workout schedule, say MWF, if they are able to visit the gym twice per day for cardio in the morning and alternating upper- and lower-body workouts in the evening, or vice-versa. I think this would be difficult to maintain for a twelve-week period, however. 

    Have you considered at-home HIIT cardio workouts for days that you can't get to the gym? Emily Alvers has a great at-home workout at When I need to do this I set my iPad up on a table with a stopwatch feature on and do intervals consisting of marching in place, jogging in place, stair climbing, and jumping rope. This is an option for keeping to a six per week workout schedule.


    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • i agree with sara--your last cardio day could be at home (or gf's home).  Like going for a HIT jog outside, or jump rope.  I'm in an upstairs apt. and I don't want to wake my downstairs neighbors or shake the whole foundation.  So sometimes I go down to the basement and do my cardio.  I've got some high intense DVD's and I can bring my laptop down there.  But I can't get internet downthere.