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  • Hi, I'm setting up my home gym and I have free weights that go up to 15lbs. but I can lift more, so I was wondering how much weight should I buy. 20, 25, 30, and 35. I was thinking of buying the 50 lb. adjustable weights. How much weight did you end up lifting. I'm starting week 2 and plan on lifting for the rest of my life. Thanks, Brenda

  • Thanks praetor,

    I still adhere to the general rules of BFL eating, and exercise...the program has definitely changed my habits.  But I have to ask why i didn't achieve nearly what others have while doing the same thing.

    I must say that I've gotten better results by doing 45-50 min. of cardio with some body weight exercises (prison squats, push-ups and sit ups).  I do this 5-6 days a week and it works for me.  But, why I didn't get the promised results from BFL is baffling.



  • Sorry to hear about your lack of results!  It likely was your diet.  How about writing out a typical day for you, and also a free day?  I followed the program to a "T" coming off a sedentary lifestyle and it completely changed my life (see profile for pics)!!!!  Maybe we can help with your nutrition...because that's 80-90% of the results.  

    Also have to cut the mental fat as many other mentioned.  That was a huge step for me.  I had to constantly read motivating successes during my challenge to be able to trust the process.  Weekly measurements as well to let me know I was shrinking, and staying off the scale (random number generator) for weeks at a time.  

    Best of wishes, and I'm glad you haven't thrown in the towel.  

  • Hi everyone!

    I can tell you without a doubt, that BFL transformed my body in 12 weeks. I didn't purposely blow-up prior to my Challenge and I've been able to pretty much maintain that body you see in my after picture. It has been roughly 10 1/2 months since I completed my Challenge. I've had a few hurdles to overcome during that time such as a torn labrum that side tracked my upper body lifting for nearly 6 of those months. I suffered a concussion in October that sidelined me from ALL physical activity for almost two months. I was amazed how well I was able to maintain despite the injuries.

    I've been a health and physical education teacher for 23 years and have a master's degree. I also coached high school wrestling for 22years. I've researched, gone to clinics, read book after book and have personally tried numerous other programs and gimmicks. Body-for-LIFE is unique, due to it's three pronged attack. Combining proper nutrition with weight training and cardio is crucial to pro-longed success. The weight training program alone is by far the best I've seen. Years ago, I decided to experiment with the BFL weight training and my wrestlers. The results my wrestlers experienced were by far, the best I'd seen. Even my wrestlers were astonished.

    As far as the cardio is concerned, I was a huge skeptic. I was tempted on numerous occasions during my Challenge to revert back to the long slow distance type of cardio I was accustomed to doing. How could 20 minutes, three times a week be enough I thought to myself. I'm so glad that I decided to give the BFL method a chance. It not only worked, but I cut my time in the gym by 50% or more. One of the reason I was able to stick with it.

    I firmly believe that eating clean is the most important of the three. I'm not perfect, but I try to eat clean at least 5-6 days a week. While dealing with the injuries I previously mentioned, I believe it was my diet that enabled me to maintain my physique. My waistline has stayed roughly the same and my cholesterol is lower than it has been in 20+ years.

    I thank God for directing me to BFL and I hope many will be inspired by my story. I'm sure there will many skeptics and naysayers to follow, but don't let them discourage you from taking the Challenge. You won't regret it!

    John Chisholm

    2011 BFL Grand Master Champion

  • So what body fat % does a woman need to be at to have washboard abs?  10-13%?

  • I know this is months after these posts - but I just want to say I am struck by the selflessness and the true concern and su - port of all of you.  I am truly blessed to read this thread.

    Sharon (68 - started BFL on March 5th) I will see my husband in May (first time in 6 months) I want to look different.

    Bless you all.

  • I was just reviewing the essay's of the various 2011 Champions and many of them were very inspiring and interesting to say the least.  I am concerned with the inclusion of so many detailed medical complications in the age range in which I compete and I guess when I submitt my next essay I will also include some relevent medical details as well to highlight my achievements during the 12 weeks. I am sure my doctor won't mind, since I have already scheduled a pre BMI and wellness checkup the last week of my challenge to verify results and progress in various areas since starting this C3 Challenge.  I am surprised by this because the guidelines state an emphasis on the inner achievements OVER the physical ones but I guess it is only a suggested guideline in this age group of the competition.  I say this based on the prior two years in this category and the subesequent narratives involved and their general nature.

  • Tim,  the end justifies the means....sometimes. No, it's not your genes either. Don't be discouraged. You are searching and trouble shooting. it's good. I can tell you one thing about some of those that try to get back in shape. Many have very poor concept of balancing out workout days vs. free days. They think they can burn 3 cals a week yet dive into a 3500 calories free day without making a move and still  do ok! 3500 calories is approximately one pound of fat! The food industry is also to blame. Many times I see packaged foods that have big bold labels on them that say for example "98% fat free" when if anything it is 98% loaded with you know what.. Or "sugar less" or or or. You have to learn to be skeptical of the labels that processed food comes with. Some even theorize that the food industry is out to make this country fat (and they are succeeding) knowing that fat people eat loooot more than skinny people, and that is true. A fat country will likely make the food industry rich than a skinny one. And the question here to be asked is: But at whose expenses?! Get into the habit of reading the ingredients section. Often times you will se sirop this and sugar that, yet if you turn back the same box to the front, you will likely see words such as "Healthy" in bold bright letters, when in fact what you are holding in your hands is nothing but a box of fat and disease generating formula.

    I know people who will call any type of move "exercise"!?!?! at seeing someone go up couple of stairs for example, they'd blurt  "good exercise!" What exercise?!?!

    Maybe it would not hurt to sit down and review your basic perceptions. We all need to do that once in a while. It certainly cannot hurt.

    If you work out at the gym, find a guy who is already up there and see if they are willing to team up with you for a bit. Now don't confuse the man stupid rivalery to good healthy fitness partnering. They are 2 different things. Some guys seem to think since they are guys, they should just go to the gym and try to bench press 250lbs. from day one! That is not manhood, not bodybuilding, not nothing but stupidity. Go to Bill Phillips he's got some gnarly vids on how to exercice as well as for how long cession wise as well as season wise to insure getting Results.That guy is absolutely terrific. There's no single doubt in my mind that if you work hard to apply what he "preaches", you will get there.

    Vent and let out. That's good, but don't quit or give up.  


    "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory." – Ralph Waldo Emerson---

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