Aussie-Debs - "For Life Accountability" - Starts 8th Feb 2014

  • 5 Years down the track and the "For Life Journey" begins today - the first step.... (Steps to be updated as I figure them out...)

    This thread is for me and to help me beyond week 12 (and if any of it helps anyone else - bonus), to remember where I started back on 19th Feb 2009.... remind me of the successes, failures and challenges I've experienced during this period of my life and to act as the first step to transforming this current 12 week challenge into the "rest of my life"....something that's eluded me until now...

    As usual, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve, hard thing to do for a lot of people - not so for me... leaving myself "vulnerable" to others - it has had negative consequences in my working life for sure over the years, but his thread is about being real and honest with myself and the only place I have ever seen the real me, is right here... completing 3 BFL challenges, getting a beautiful toned body and then losing it again,  discovering my strengths and weaknesses, discovering something I was passionate about - helping others, I had no clue - always threw myself into my jobs - that was my "passion"..... I discovered a passion for giving hope, help and laughs to so many amazing "strangers" people in the BFL Forums who started out just like me.... this was during 2009 - 2011... and so this is the first step to never find myself having to "begin again"

    (8th Feb - ) - FIRST STEP - Stay Connected to the Forums - keep on giving - it feels so good to help others, I don't know why I stopped...

    (18th Feb - ) - SECOND STEP - Make a "Life Changing Decision" around my worst habit - Drinking Diet coke with Rum/Scotch no more - Came to me unexpected today - I feel liberated.... not saying I won't drink alcohol again, but I won't drink Diet coke with ANYTHING - that pretty much limits my choices seeing as though I don't like spirits with anything else - PERFECT!

    (22nd Feb - ) - THIRD STEP - Learn how to cook the BFL way and ENJOY it - I really, really am doing that this time.... So obvious, yet I so did not do that last three challenges - got away with the bare minimum...

    (28th Mar - ) - FOURTH STEP - Learn how to relax and enjoy the "life bit" when routine is interrupted..... Didn't even know there would be a "fourth step" until I just lived it this week! Another revelation!

    13th April 2014 - DAY 84 - Challenge 4 completed - 1st challenge to get me back on the track to health...

    B4 and after - Page  has more pics from this challenge..

    FEB 2009 - FEB 2010 - 3 challenges in that year - this was the result.


  • Debs ~

    Remember that success isn't linear.  You are continuing your journey.  You've got this.  It's hard to come back here and admit you've broken your self promises.  You know what you need to do, so when you think about it, the accountability and admission has been the most difficult thing and you've dealt with that head-on... like a CHAMP!

    You are worth your self-promises.  You have so much passion inside you.  Take that passion you have and use it for yourself.  Can you think of anything more worthy?  

    Just remember that you are and were always beautiful!

    (((upside down hugs)))

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Debs you're such an awesome contributor to our Team Renegades thread.

    You've done it before so you know and I know you can do it again. Not only can you do it again but you can do it even better this time!

  • Deb, what do u need?  I'll be what u need

  • Thankyou Jess - yes, keeping my self promise on working on the "for life" part is so important to me at this stage

    PTP and Kat, thanks guys, yes the 12 weeks, I am not concerned about at all - that's the easy part.... Kat, honey I have the support I need right here on this site, that's why I aint leaving it again!  This site and these people really bring out the best in me... as the poster belows says... just found it on FB - Awesome!

    Ps/ Today has been a day of reflection and fine tuning on who I want to be in the future.. it's been a great exercise for the mind... so great, I had the best fricken UBWO ever tonight! WOOOOOP! I swear I hit a high point in all area's... can't remember if I ever did that before!


  • Ok... here goes.. bloody hell this is hard to do...... (day first, month second...)

    Date 20/01/2014 15/02/2014 Lost
    Weight 146.6 143.3
    Neck 14.25 14 0.25
    Under arms 38 36.5 1.5
    Boobs 40 39.5 0.5
    Under Boobs 33 32 1
    Waist 35 31.5 3.5
    Belly Button 37 34.5 2.5
    Pooch 38 36 2
    Bikini 39 37.5 1.5
    Left thigh  top 23 22 1
    Right thigh top 23 22 1
    Left thight mid 19.75 19 0.75
    Right thigh mid 19.25 19 0.25
    Total Inches Lost 15.75



    Pictures for C4 Week 2 and Week 4 comparison (none taken in week one - good god, no wonder)!

    Anyway... there you go...god I'm glad to be back



  • Sunday - End of Week 4 C4 - time to recap, then keep moving forward...

    Another stellar BFL week in the bag.. despite the devo pics above... I move on and look forward to the Paper Towel Roll losing many more sheets each week...

    Started typing this in the team thread.. but it's probably better on here.. for me in the future...

    Today has been another awesome day... had some more "me time" again today, like Saturday night.. just love "me time".. my beautiful french sexy singing music is playing - crank it up and just "enjoy" - lifes so good!

    Keeping a "Good Mindset"

    So to keep me focussed and in this "brilliant headspace" I spent most of the day today re-reading lots of stuff I bought back in 2010 - Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle, 6 Pack Abbs, Firm and Flatten your Abbs, Fitren Training and eating for competition etc....  They are all pretty constant when you look at the nutrition.. training varies a little (both do for "competition" level), but they all include "The Mental Challenge" as a significant element....  I guess that's why Bill put the "Mental" word before the physical... 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength... the physical is very straight forward and dare I say "easy".. seems to be for me this time... I must have had a brain transplant with knowing I reckon....

    I'm beginning to see more clearly now that this is what was missing for me previously... I didn't spend enough time on what I really wanted to achieve in 12 weeks (other than lose *** loads of fat) and more importantly in the future... I was just so wanting to be slim and not fat, that's all I focussed on.

    What Happened to the head Back then.. trip down memory lane....

    But I actually achieved that after C1, felt the head dive immediately after coming down from the "rush" of day 84... Started C2 in panic, no drive, no goals but new I was backsliding rapidly (yes in 1 week)... Of course C3.. well that was a real challenge.. Dougy being diagnosed - crashing back to alcohol with him....several times... travelling 1000 km round trip every two weeks for the entire challenge... finished looking "the best" ever.. who would have thought.... certainly not me.. and there is no way in hell I would have done that challenge without the constant support of Mike Harris and my team on this forum...

    Champster 09 (dear friend and mentor from the Coffee Crew) is a winner and on the same day I receive a "Care Package".... Feb 2010

    I'm sure it was early Feb... the day that "one of the sisters - Coffee Crew Members - Champster 09, was announced.. I got on the computer in the morning and you all had celebrated whilst I was sleeping..... I was SO HAPPY for Michelle... It was the first "real phone call" I made to America... I had to call and congratulate her....

    So, I get myself together, feeling like "I'd won my self - the joy for Michelle was indescribable... went to the post office to get the mail and there was a "parcel"....she said you might need a trolley... (Jess - I recognised your address immediately.. I could hardly lift the box it was so big and heavy...humbled beyond belief...) .

    The "care package" from all my beautiful overseas friends with Heartfelt Cards of support and love, Myoplex product, Champions book signed by Mike Harris and lots of old Champs from the 2009 event.... goodness me... "these people were strangers on the other side of the world.... I didn't deserve this kind of love....that brought both me and Doug to tears....

    October 2010 - Tennessee Body For Life Champs weekend and my American trip..

    That's when I KNEW I had to make it to TN for the  October 2010 Body for Life gathering...  Sadly dear Mike passed away end of May that year and we never got to "hug the man that saved many of us"... oh boy.. that was like losing a favourite uncle.... heartbroken.... sad beyond belief.. that man enriched and saved so many lives... I am absolutely positive that the forces of the universe got me back here NOW because I need to be here..... to be the first one to see Jessica Mighty Max had WON the contest that morning a few weeks ago... it's just so lovely eerie... goosebumps...

    Awesome, Great, great trip to America all by myself - was too excited to focus on how *** scared I was travelling 10000 miles to 'stay" with people I have never met all over the country.... I was lucky enough to be a guest in 5 different people's homes and visited 7 different states.... boy what an epic trip.....


  • Wow.  Memories..

    So you know, Debs, I take SERIOUS issue with the following, " I didn't deserve this kind of love".  Debs... YES you did, and YES you DO deserve that kind of love.  

    How about giving it to yourself now?  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Debs you are already making awesome progress! I also wanted to thank you for being so supportive of my journey. Your comments have consistently given me a boost. Keep up the great work! I know you will reach your goals!

  • Thanks Jess, yes I am giving it to me now, finally.. by finding that "happy person" that has been going through the motions for the last 2 years instead of "living" - I feel like I'm "inspired by life" once more... Awesome!  This just reminded me of a post that Mike once put up...."Sowing and Reaping".....

    Dan! Cheers buddy, you are more than welcome and I'm glad it was of benefit to you.. and Yes I will reach my goals - I'm shooting for life now... no more go backwards!

    Sowing and Reaping!

    by: Michael Harris  10/7/2008


    This is one of my favorite topics—talking about the absolute truth that you will reap what you sow. In its simplest form, if you plant wheat seed, you will harvest wheat. If you plant carrot seeds, carrots will come up. That’s just how it works in the real world, and it also works that way in the spiritual world!

    For example, if you "sow" joy, you will get it back. If you sow distrust and suspiciousness, you will get that back, too. If you sow enthusiasm, you will get enthusiasm back.

    By "sow" I mean, of course, that you deal with others in those attitudes. And all you have to do to sow joy, or enthusiasm or any other human attitude is to act that way. Not only will your acting that way enthuse or bring joy to others, but it will bring enthusiasm and joy to you, even if you didn't feel like it originally.

    The great Dale Carnegie used to always say: "Act enthusiastic, and you'll be enthusiastic!" It’s true. He had another great saying that I love, and I hope it will encourage you to become more others-centered and less self-centered, to work the universal law of reciprocation instead of worrying about what you're going to get yourself. This is what he said: "You can make more friends in two months by becoming more interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you""

    One last Dale Carnegie quote and then I’ll wrap this up. "Happiness doesn't depend on external conditions. It’s governed by our mental attitude."

    Friends, I learned all this stuff in 12 step recovery. It changed my life. I had to pay a huge price to get into recovery. I lost my self-respect, my wealth, and my health. Still, it was worth everything I learned. I offer you all this with my hope that you'll take these things into your hearts, and that you won't have to learn them like I did.

    Now, go get that workout in, and then go find somebody you can help without getting caught!


  • Way to GO DEBS!  You are doing great!  Keep it up my friend, i can see the change!

  • Hey Debsy, reading your review of Champster winning, the parcel from Jess....I remember it all so well too. It gives me goosebumps. I remember my family being so suspicious of why I was tied to the computer each morning...they were thinking Id get myself into trouble, meet some weirdo online...mother, being of a different generation was mortified! LOL. So many people "against" my dreams. The Crew, by far, was a godsend, and the funny thing being, we all came there by accident really. The chemistry was incredible. I remember ChrisCary being on there a lot, and I had Fish Oil questions at the time. I remember driving to visit my godchild 3 hours north. I was alone, rolling down the highway, and Chris called me on my cell to explain FO! That was my first call from a foreigner. I'll never forget it. I also called Champster the day she won. I too felt so eager to speak with her, because it felt like we knew her so well by then. : ) Awww I'm smiling so big remembering the euphoria.

    Since then, this Canadian has heard a lot of foreign accents. Widen my scope and let in some amazing athletes into my world. I feel surrounded by the best of the best on so many REAL levels. Real people, honest, challenged in ways that seem to challenge me as well as compliment me. Connected.

    We meet some real genuine people on here, that become the family we get to choose.

  • I don't have the words to describe the inspiration you all give to me.  Thank you

  • I agree with you Legsy!!

    Real people, honest, challenged, in ways that seem to challenge us all!! me as well...  Staying Connected.

    FIRST STEP ~ Stay Connected to the Forums, Yes that is so true, don't know why we even got off of track anyways, that's what life will do to you( Huh)

    I'm so much happier doing BFL then when I'm, just winging it along...