The last 5-10lbs

  • Hello, everyone.  I'm new to this site, but I have been using Body for Life to pursue my fitness goals for a few months.  In fact, in a couple of weeks, I will have been on Body for Life for seven months.  The first 5-6 months were pretty amazing, and I have lost about 40lbs.  Over the last 1-2 months, I have seen my weight loss come to a complete standstill, and I am starting to get discouraged.  I am guessing that I have about 5-10lbs left to lose around my lower stomach (especially in the sides/lower back).  I have been following the book as closely as I can, and have been eating 5-6 times per day (always adhering to the approved foods list and eating the proper portion size) as well as working out 6 days per week.  Has anyone else found themselves in this position?  I have been toying with the idea of adding more ab exercises or cardio to my workouts, but I don't know if this is the correct course of action, and I would rather get feedback from some experienced members!  Thanks in advance!!!

  • Hi there,

    This is my first challenge, but I know that the last few pounds are always the hardest to lose....

    I can think of a few things for you to try without modifying the programs...

    1. Try a different cardio machine that works you out more intense.

    2. Try increase the walking you do during the week.

    3. Try join a yoga/ stretching class.

    4. Abs should be done after each weight-training workout...

    Best of luck,


  • I agree with all of the above, be sure you are drinking the right amount of water, not too much or too little (flushing out the system so to speak as well). and I always would add ab exercises to my program usually on the cardio day .

  • If you've been at this for 7 months with no breaks, I would suggest taking a week of active-rest.  Walk, find some other non-traditional ways to exercise without killing yourself.  Leave the weights alone for a week.  Eat well, but give yourself an extra free-meal sometime during the week along with your free day.  Then when that active-rest week is done, come back and hit it hard - hitting your 10's and eating clean!  Sometimes your body just needs a rest.  Bill always suggested taking a week of active rest between each 12-week challenge to shake things up.

  • I totally agree with Dave that a week, or even 2, of active rest is the best answer.  It just wasn't Bill that suggested it. That comes from my good friend, the late Mike Harris.  He was so wise. 

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  • Active rest is good for your lifts. They will probably go up the week after. For fat loss staying out of the gym won't have any effect. Refining your nutrition would be a better option. Email me for specifics, I can help you.