BFL Complete - What's next?

  • Hey Everyone!
    Body For Life kicks ass. I didn't follow the entire process to a T but only ended up missing 3 workouts over the entire 12 weeks. It's a bummer that it was my last 3 work outs but I was traveling to my hometown for a wedding and zipping around EVERYWHERE. Excuses, I know. But hey, it's all good. I consider this BFL round a success. I have a healthier relationship with food, I have portion control, I look great.

    I didn't start this journey particularly overweight, just a little chubby around the cheeks and carrying excess  in my belly. I don't get too many compliments on my improvements because my friends would say, "well you didn't look bad THEN either, but you glow now!" - They're kind, but I know I looked chubby. The before and after photos are different. :-) 

    With that said, i'm done w/ this round of BFL and looking at what to do next! BC I missed my last 3 work-outs, I've decided to only take 1 week off of working out instead of the recommended two. So about a week from yesterday, I want to jump back into BFL round 2 OR into another work out program if anyone has any suggestions?

    Perhaps it'd be helpful to tell you my results and then to tell you what i'd like to see next. 
    Over the 12 weeks I lost 3 inches around my belly and my chest, 2 around my waist. I also only lost about 2 lbs of weight. (to be fair I have about 7-10 lbs to really lose healthily) 


    I'd LOVE to decrease my body fat percentage show more of this great muscle i've built. The nutritionists at the gym, who don't know I've just finished BFL, want to put me on a supplement program that will "cleanse" me and help me lose 1 LB a week, "guaranteed." But I told them I have concerns about losing all the water in my muscles that i've built over these past 12 weeks. Ideally I'd love to either continue or stop building muscles, and focus on stripping the fat layers away over the body. I'd like to not UNDO what i've started with BFL by taking a short cut route. 

    So what do ya'll think I should do next? Focus on strict cardio for a month or so to decrease body fat? Jump back into BFL round 2?

    Thanks everyone! 

  • I would say start another bfl challange.  You can reach your goal of leaning out with the program, and probably way more efficiently than with cardio alone.


  • Yep, what she said....ROUND 2!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM