Greetings Just wondering about something, anyone know?

  • Greetings to all who compleated a BFL CHallenge last year. (2012)   Does anyone know if we will be getting the BFL Certificate of Successful Completion of a CHallenge Certificate from EAS/BFL this year??/  It would be nice to get one again and it is helpful when dealing with health professionals (like your personal physician and health insurance companies) to prove that you are moving in the right direction healthwise.  Plus it DOES help to promote the BFL CHallenge concept and EAS Products in the gym, at home and in the public in general when the discussion is put forth by one of us. BFL please feel free to answer this if you would.  THanks for all your consideration in this matter.  Keep MOving Forward   WPBILL

  • WPBill,

    We no longer send out the Body-for-LIFE Certificate of Completion for those who finished their Challenge. It's a great suggestion and we will be sure to share it with our team!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Greetings,  Thanks for answering this question.  At least I know what not to expect this year from last year's entry.  Too bad, it was such a great promotional item to show at the gym to potential BFL candidates. Oh, Well.

  • That is a bummer.  I still have mine from the challenge I did a few years ago.  I remember being elated when it came in the mail; reminded me of all the sweat and hard work I put into that challenge.  It certainly couldn't take too many resources to make that happen again???!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I still have my t-shirt for finishing the challenge back in 2001.  It's an awesome shirt!  BFL should bring it back.

  • Just to let everyone reading this thread know.  I suggested they add a down-loadable Certificate of Successful BFL Completion to this site that would work with a code given by BFL after verification and receipt of an electronic entry packet to each entrant for the year.  That way the certificate could be printed locally by each BFL entrant that wanted one and deserved it for that year.  Why not they have so many extras attached to this site as it is, what's one more to keep up the motivation and provide encouragement to potential entrants as well??