Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • It seems like all of you on this thread are well versed in everything BFL.  I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for amount of rest between challanges.  My intention is to go through another challange and ultimately just maintain this as a way of life, however I have seen on some postings that peolpe take some rest from weights after finishing a challange.  Any suggestions on how long of an active rest period and what kinds of activity were done during your rest would be appreciated.  I am in week 12 of my 1st challange.  Thanks.

  • Rachelrdh- Congrats on reaching week 12!!  How have your results been?  Do you have a group/thread that you post on?  You're welcome to join us on here if you'd like.  

    Here is some info on AR.

    Are you planning another challenge after finishing the one you’re in now? If so, the material that follows should be of some interest and some help to you. It seems like roughly one-half of those who start and complete a 12 week transformation challenge are planning on going into another one in order to get into the shape that they want.

    The first thing I want to ask you–actually I’m begging you–is to NOT GO IMMEDIATELY from one challenge right into the next one without a break. Here’s why. Whether you really feel like it or not, a transformation challenge takes a toll on you. The early rising, strenuous exercising and relatively strict dieting are good for you–but over 12 weeks time they can also wear you out. You deserve AND NEED a week or more of rest before you get back into the gym. Think about this: If you go right from one challenge to another, what you’re really doing is taking a 24 week challenge. That’s nearly 6 months, and it’s longer than most should be doing. Most second and subsequent challenges that occur without a break between tend to be very unproductive and unhappy experiences. They also tend to be more often plagued by injuries, illnesses and overtraining effects.

    My favorite fitness author, Albuquerque attorney Clarence Bass, coined the phrase “active rest.” That’s what you need to do between challenges. What you need to do, for at least one week and preferably two, is to stay clear out of the gym and away from the weight lifting routine entirely. And don’t worry about losing muscle mass, you won’t. The phenomenon called muscle memory will put you right back into the groove very quickly once you are rested. In fact, you might actually pick up some muscle mass due to the well-deserved rest. Your joints will thank you for it too.

    Instead of lifting weights, do one or two of your favorite non-resistance training types of exercises. I do lots of calisthenics such as pushups, pullups, and squat jumps. I also do some bike riding or stair climbing. I take very long walks with my dog. Others enjoy things like swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, or even chopping wood and heavy gardening activity. This gets you out of the old groove, works different areas of your body, and still gives you plenty of fat-burning and fitness forming activity.

    As for the diet, stick with the six meals a day. But, add in a bit of red meat if you are inclined, and experiment with some non-typical foods. This might be a good time to try a little of that natural peanut butter you’ve been craving. I eat a fair amount of non-tropical fruits and berries as carb portions during my rest periods. And I eat some lean red meat which has lots of creatine in it. Don’t make your two weeks off a two week free day or you’ll regret it.

    Consider your two weeks active rest a working vacation. You’ll be amazed at your renewed strength, your enthusiastic outlook, and your youthful appearance following your time off. If you don’t do it, you’ll feel like you’re dragging a 100 pound anchor around with you for the next twelve weeks. Which one sounds like the best bet to you?

  • Thank you for the great information.  I have been very pleased with my results.  I may even get enough courage to post some after pics.  I will definately follow your advice.  Thank you so much.

  • Hi there Gladiators, where ever you are.

    I have been out for awhile. About 2 weeks or so but I'm still hanging in there. My Challenge will be up July 30th. I lost the 3 pounds I had gained, but I think I put some of those inches back on again.

  • Cont. from above...

    I just got back to the pool last week. I am really excited because it seems like I have been out forever. We put our home up for sale and now it just sold in 3 weeks. I will be able to be closer to the pool. I think I told you all I have  30 miles round trip to use the pool for an hour, but for me that's what I have to do. In our new home I will be probably driving 15 miles. So thats going to be alot better.

    Well Justin I read what you wrote above and thanks for that information. I haven't been reading my book lately.  I do plan on taking about 2 weeks off after this second challenge and then going right into #3, so I know you said you'd be right there with me, and maybe every one will come back.  Well keep up the good work all of you where ever you are.


  • Laurie- I'm glad you came back!  I still check in here everyday, but if nobody else has posted anything I don't either.  I've got 11 days left of C2, and I'm going to continue with the weight training and do moderate cardio for a while.  I'm going to start C3 around 9/15/13, so it will end and give me enough of a break to start another challenge the first week after the new year.  My diet hasn't been as good during C2 as it was during C1, and my legs felt like they got overtrained, so I went a week without any LBWOs or cardio to let them recover.  Congrats on selling your house!  I've done that a couple of times.  Once it took 3 years and the other time it took 3 months.  So a quick sell is a great thing!

  • Justin thanks for coming back to check. I will be done on July 30th and don't know when I should start challenge 3. I don't want to take off to much time in between challenges. Have any ideas here for me. I am hiting the pool now 2 times a week and will continue to do so. My meals are ok but at night I have a sweet tooth. I didn't think we would sell our house that fast but we did. I will be moving in with my mom until our new home is done and they won't start that till late Aug or Sep. I am only drinking the Edge drinks as far as my supuments and want to get into something that will help me gain more muscle, but also help me loose some fat. I have about 10 lbs to lose now, but I really need to gain muscle, tone up and get rid of more inches. I don't know what the women take at all. I can't find anything here that tells whats best. I guess I should just get some Myoplex and Bata Gen. Have any thoughts on that? Thanks for coming back to check. I could use all the support I can get, I sure don't get it here at home.


  • Hi, you guys.  I got back about a week ago from my vacation/trip that I took to Washington to pick up my daughter.  Before I left, it was pretty deserted here and I finally just gave up looking and posting.  I definitely felt like I was fighting an uphill battle just to try to stay positive, and didn't realize until that point how much support and encouragement I was really gleaning from this thread.  Of course, as a result, I'm sort of free-falling at  the moment.  With 10 hours of driving per day for 10 days, my diet and exercise went completely out the window.  Getting adjusted to my daughter being back and getting in the swing of things has been WAY slower than I thought, so I haven't picked back up on plan yet.  Although I enjoyed the break, I feel like I'm 10 lbs. heavier.  I'm sure that's not true, but I'm not getting on the scale to see.  We're planning on getting our stuff together and getting back on plan on Monday.  I'm not going back to the way things used to be.

    I'll keep an eye out since I know you're still hanging in there.  I know I wasn't able to keep this thread going, and for some reason I don't have whatever the vibe is that makes people inspired and keeps things revved up and coming around.  Still, anyone is welcome to give a yell if I can do anything.  The posts go right to my email.

    Looking fantastic, Justin.  Caity and Amy, so glad to hear you are both doing better.  I'm not feeling well myself this week, so I haven't read the back posts from while I was gone completely, but I will later.

    Take care,


  • Laurie, you are on the right track! Myoplex Lite and Betagen would be great products based on your goals. You could also incorporate AdvantEDGE Carb Control and Lean 15 into your diet. We hope this helps! Feel free to give us a call if you have additional questions at 1-800-297-9776 M-F 8:30am-5:00pm EST.

    ~ BFL Team

  • Thank you BFL Team for giving me some tips on my goals as far as food. I will be ordering some real soon.

    Melissa, hey it's great to have you back. Hope your doing really good now sense you are back on track. I have about 15 days to go and then I will take a break and start a new challenge No.3 in Aug.

    I have some ideas for meals or snack for any one who is interested. I have a half cup of fat free yogurt and a half cup of strawberries or blue berries mixed up to go with any meal. I put 2 packs of splenda mixed up with it.

    Sometimes I will peel and slice cucombers and put them in a jar of pickle for a few days then add them to my salad. I will boil about 7eggs at the beginning of the week, peel them and put some eggs in a jar of pickles also and let them sit a day or 2 also and just eat them plain or add to a salad or have a few for breakfast.

    If you have a sweet tooth like I do sometimes, I get out the International chocolate mocca or the french vanilla decaffeinated/sugar free Low calorie coffee. I put in a blender about a cup of ice, 1 1/3 TBSPof the international coffee,2 teaspoons of regular decalf coffee, about 2 TBSP or more if you need it of Torani sugar free Classic Caramel flavoring syrup, and 2 pkg of Splenda, 1/2 cup of soy Silk Milk or FF Milk and blend it all together. It sounds pretty sweet, but try it and you can make it how ever sweet you want. You can add fruit too. There are only the small amount of calories in the coffee and Milk and fruit if you add fruit. It's a fast pick me up drink.

    Well I did 2 weeks of work outs and I'm back on track. Still working on those photo, which will come soon. Hope every one is doing okay and will come back soon.


  • If anyone read the above post, well sorry about the miss spelled words. That's the way it goes when you write fast. Have a GREAT DAY!!


  • Last week of C2 for me!  Also have my 34th birthday on Friday so it's a big week for me!  Had an awesome UBWO Monday and woke up really sore this morning.  Did my cardio this morning and ended up running 8.5 miles and burned over 900 calories on the elliptical.  It has been way harder lately to get up in the mornings to workout, but I've been forcing myself to do it anyway.  

    Laurie- Looks like BFL got you headed in the right direction on the supplements, so I really don't have anything to add there.  And you have some great food ideas too!

    Melissa- What's new!?

  • I am so happy that you guys are still coming around.  I still need all of your support.

    Justin - Happy Late Birthday, sorry I missed it. I went out of town and didn't know, so I really hope you had a GREAT ONE.

    My Birthday is coming up on July 30th, I am planning on going to Jackpot to go gambling. Should be fun.

    While I was out of town I think I gained some weight back. I had an All Girl Party up at my parents cabin and brought my Mom along. We all had a blast. To much fun, I think.  Anyway it was fun. My Mom is going to be 85, so I charish all the time I can with her.

    Melissa- I think that you are doing great and still trying to stick with this program.  I know all of us are pretty busy, but I do enjoy hereing from you, you give me a lot of support by what you say and by just being here. The same goes for Justin also.  

    Sometimes just coming here to say something is, better than nothing at all.

    Melissa how is it going with your daughter? Hope all is well.  I just became a Great Grandma. My Granddaughter just had a little baby girl (Jayden Ann) who has my middle name and she weighted in at 7lbs and 11oz.  She had some lung problems and had been on oxigen and an IV, but will get to come home this thursday. She was born last week on July 19th.

    I think that C2 has been a pain most of the time, mainly because of my broken foot and other issues, but I will continue until I am done. Take about 2 maybe 3 weeks off and get right into C3. I plan on staying right here and waiting for everyone to come back.  So I am here for you all. Keep up the good workouts and program the best you can, that's all we all can do.


  • Dropping in to say hello.  Seeking motivation, so I jumped back on the forum.  Time to get this ball rolling again.

  • Good morning Gladiators!

    I am excited to see that Justin, Melissa, Laurie and JR are still here.  I know that I was AWOL for a VERY long time but I am starting my C2 on Monday.  I ended up with surgery on my wrist and I was just cleared to lift free weights again.  Not a fun road but it's my journey.  I am not quite back to my original pre-C1 starting stats but sadly, close :-(  So, I am resetting my goals, rereading my book, stocking my pantry and fridge appropriately and gearing up for an incredible challenge.

    Is this still the thread to come to or are you all posting in different places as well?  Motivation and accountability are the name of the game so please point me in the right direction!  I am "ready to rumble"

    Missed you all!