Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Hi Everyone.

    I apologize for my absence, as stated before work has gotten crazy! I am still going strong at the gym. Today when I was there, someone saw my BFL paper and asked me if I was doing BFL. I told her that I was and she said she and her husband had done it a couple of times. I have never met anyone that knew what BFL is, let alone completed challenges!

    In other news, I lost 1 LB. It isn't a lot, but I am incredibly happy with it. I have been losing and gaining 1 lb for a long, long time. So to finally be 147 and not fluctuating between 148-149 feels amazing!

    Justin--Hope your son had a happy 1st birthday! That's hilarious about your peeling arms and what you told your daughter.

    Laurie--Sorry to hear about the complications with your ankle. That's such a bummer! Glad you are sticking with the program though.

    Melissa--Keep up the good work with the Shred. I have that DVD and that is a tough workout.!


  • What a BUSY week!!  I planned on hitting the gym last night after I got home, but I forgot that we had an appointment to have Brock's 1yr pictures taken and Ava was getteing her pictures taken in her cheerleading uniform.  So.....  I didn't make it to the gym last night.  Every afternoon has had an event this week, and we have t-ball tonight, so I can't do anything then either....

    Went this morning and had an awesome UBWO!  I did that instead of cardio because if I didn't I wouldn't have had an UBWO this week, and I just can't do that.  I don't have a spotter as usual, so when I go really heavy in the six rep set on bench I have to sometimes put the bar down after 3 and do them one at a time.  This morning one of those times caused me to strain so hard that my contact lens moved to the side of my eye...  



    Amy- Glad you're back!  It's cool that you ran into another BFLer!  One of last year's winners was from Ofallen, MO, so there's probably a few people in your area doing the program!  Congrats on the weight loss too!  Brock had a great birthday!  All the cake hurt his little belly though!  Don't be a stranger, we love hearing from everyone......

  • Super super busy this weekend!  We're getting ready slow but surely for our week long trip up Northwest to pick up my girl, so Saturday I was washing and cleaning out my car, then Sunday me and 2 of my old high school girlfriends went out shopping.  Yesterday, I had to get the oil/filters changed and fluids checked, etc. in my car, and finish up getting the stuff I was missing for my trip.  None of my clothes fit, so I had to get some things so that I'll have more than one thing to wear.

    The roofers have finally started planning to get my roof done, and the final word seems to be Thursday this week.  I guess we'll see.  Considering I was pretty certain they had stolen my 5300 bucks, I'm very happy about this.  Finally starting to get hot in Texas.  This is the latest into the year I believe it has stayed below 90 or 100 that I can ever remember.

    I'm really hoping to get back into some semblance of normalcy after the last week of June.  Being out of my normal comfort zone has been wreaking havoc on my mental part of the program!  However, having my girlfriends compliment me and thing I look great has been very helpful.  They even had me trying on "the cute shoes" because they said they would look best with my legs.  You girls probably know what I"m talking try on the Jimmy Choo's and the Minolo Blaniks, but of course you can't possibly spend 800.00 on a shoe.  Anyway, that was a boost for me.

    I had to switch my upper body to today and cardio to yesterday due to time constraints.  I'm interested to see how functional I'll be on Thursday after doing upper body tonight and lower body on Wednesday.

    I hope everyone is all right and doing well.  



  • Hello!

    What happened to our thread? I guess everyone is just much busier during the warmer months.

    I needed some days out of the gym so I did not work out on Monday or Tuesday but was back in the gym today for LBWO. I also stepped on the scale this morning and lost another pound. I was shocked! Apparently something is finally clicking and my body is reacting in a positive way.

    Justin--I saw one of the champions was from O'Fallon which I thought was great! I wanted to read her story, but last time I checked they hadn't posted those yet.

    Melissa--That's great that your friends we complimenting you! It is always nice for that outside affirmation. I agree with you on the expensive shoes! I wish I could be Carrie Bradshaw and only wear Manolo's, but alas I am not and can't afford those!


  • Justin--I just noticed you are also on the cottage cheese club thread. That looks like the place to be!

  • Amy- Sadly this thread is almost dead.  I still check it, but I have been posting on the cottage cheese club for a while now.  I'll keep checking in here to see what's happining, but we always like to see more peeps over on CCC.  If you and Melissa would like to come join in over there that would be great!

    Melissa- How's the roof? Are you ready for the big trip now?  and....  $800 for a pair of shoes!?!?!?  Only if they were anti gravity!!!

    This is my Friday!!!  No work for me tomorrow!!!  I've been really good on my diet and hop my weekend trip doesn't mess me all up.  We'll see...........

    OMG!!  My leeeeeegs!!  My leeeeeeeeegs!!!  I woke up this morning and my legs were stiff and they were very sore.  I knew that was going to be trouble for me because I had a hot date with the stair climber, and I just couldn't miss it.  So I headed to the gym and got my 40 minutes in.

    Hey Macho Man Randy Savage...  Should we tell em how it went!?

    Ooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahh!!!

    Well.....  I got my 40 minutes done, but I couldn't keep the same pace that I had when my legs were feeling good.  However, I burned some serious calories.

    Yeeeeeeeeeah Booooooooooyeee!!!

    Now.....  I'm wondering if you can actually kill a part of your body and the rest of it goes on living because I think I did that to my legs.  I'm hoping that next week I can get this number up in the 900s and I'm shooting for 1000 shortly after.  I'll just work my speed up because I want to get it done in 40 minutes.

    Since I'm leaving early in the morning to go to Branson I'm going to do my UBWO this afternoon right after work if time/wife allows.

  • David41 is on the CCC thread too.

  • And congrats on the weight loss.  I failed to mention that earlier!

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry I have been gone for awhile. My foot is all healed up. I am able to wear shoes now. But 2weeks ago I picked up a bunch of boxes and they were on a wooden shelf. The darn shelf fell over and scraped my leg from the middle all the way tothe ankle. I  managed to miss my foot that just got well, but did it good on the other leg. I have been out of the pool for months and was just getting ready to go back. Now I have to wait till this thing heals.

    We are selling our home and having a new home built in the fall. I was up on my little ladder putting things away and somehow managed to slip on the ladder and scrape the new skin off my poor leg again. I just can't believe I'm having some many things happen. I have stopped everything except my eating the right foods.

    I don't think I will finish this challenge, but will probably go on to the next one. I will just have to see. I will write more later. Miss all of you, keep going and don't stop.


  • Hi Gladiators, ( if you all are still with me)

    Justin, Sharon, Kat, David, Amy, Michele, Mr Guy, Bartman, Flobee, Melissa, Flygirl, DavidF41, LiLCaity and any one else that started with me, Please Come Back.  I need your support...

    I guess I'm the last one, but that's okay. I am not going over to CCC until I have to. I am still plugging along. I am almost ready to get back into the pool and that should be this Monday. It's been an up and down battle for me on this challenge #2. I am not going to stop.  I will do another one after this one too.

    I am still watching the food I eat and have gain only 2 pounds back.  I sure hope all of you are still doing what you can to make it through.  Remember we are the Gladiators and we can do this, so come back and help me out. I need you all and I'm still here for you. ;)


  • Hey everybody!! I'm still here! Been really busy but have still stayed the course.

    I'm down 35lbs total since starting the first challenge in Jan. That's 10 more lbs since I finished the first challenge losing 25lbs.

    I'm at 210 right now. I've still got that bit of last stubborn fat on my belly and I'm thinking another 5lbs will rid myself of that, then I can work on building up the muscle even though I've been trying to build muscle and not lose it while losing the fat. I think I've done pretty good so far.

    And, size 34 pants are loose on me now and I can get into size 32 but they are a bit snug still.

    I was using the Lose It app, but gave MyFitnessPal a try and love it. It has the calories for practically everything already in it where as the Lose It did not. I could not have lost the weight without that app!!! I highly suggest it!!

    Between the app, and the arc trainer, fat has no chance with me. I usually time my arc trainer sessions so that the last 30 to 40 minutes are working in calorie deficit mode so I'll burn fat for energy. Seems to be working :)

    Keep up the fight!!


  • Hey Laurie! I am glad your foot is doing better! to have maintained the diet and only gain 2 pounds is very commendable. I was worried that my last post sounded dumb....and then I didn't know what to follow it with.

    I haven't been on this week. I had surgery on Wednesday. I was waiting to hear from insurance and didn't know when it would be approved, etc. And then I got a call Monday saying its all okay'd and the doc can do it this week. So I guess yay for that but my challenge is all out of whack. I was worried about this but didn't bring it up before, since I didn't know what was going to happen.

    But one awesome thing about doing the challenge this year: I was a WAY better patient in the hospital than I have been before. My veins were so healthy they could put the IV right in like butter. My recovery from anesthesia was easier, my whole body just feels less pain than it would have if I were living the way I used to. Thank goodness for that.

    I have not been going way off the diet, just eating less and its not as structured. I am mostly laying down wih my doggy on the futon in front of the TV so I can heal and get my butt back into the gym!!!

  • The sickness that had me last week is finally 100% gone!  I had a great UBWO this morning and I'm ready to really focus and end C2 on fiiiiiiiiire!!

    Laurie- I'm still here for ya!  I've been really sick and crazy busy with work, so I didn't have any time to get on here much last week.  Way to stick to the plan as much as possible!

    Mr Guy- Fantastic results man!  You're looking great.  Be sure to come back and post more often so our thread doesn't die!!

    Lil Caity- What did you have surgery on?  What kind of recovery time does it require??  Hope you heal quickly!

  • Thanks Justin! I had a procedure done on my ovaries. Don't know how to say that without it sounding like TMI! It was done with a laproscope through my belly button and an incision a few inches below my belly button. Basically they stuck a bunch of instruments into my abdomen and rooted around, so its pretty sore. I am not supposed to work out for at least 2 weeks. Tomorrow I see the doc and get the stitches out. Its healing very nicely, luckily I have had surgery before and know how to take care of it well. So I am really, really hoping I can be back in the game by 2 weeks without any trouble. I am just afraid that I will back track between now and then. I am just trying to stay positive, maybe it will make me feel more appreciative of going to the gym once I actually can again!

  • Lil Caity- 2 weeks will be over before you know it!  Then you'll be ready to get back after it again.

    Well.....  I seem to be having some problems this week.  I was pretty sick last week and only made it to the gym a couple of times.  My diet was crappy that week too.  This week I feel like the sickness is gone, but my legs feel sore and weak.  I don't know if I've just been using them too much for too long (only took one week off between C1 and C2) or if I just haven't fully recovered from last week.  I felt totally fine before I got sick, so I'm thinking it's just from being sick.  Anyway...  I think I'm not going to do my leg workout today or anymore cardio until the soreness is gone.  With that being said....  My upperbody still feels great, so I'm going to continue working it out.