Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Thanks, Justin.  We did get hit pretty hard with the storms in northeast Texas; not sure about east Texas in David's neck of the woods.  My brother is close to him and didn't mention anything in her text today, so I guess all is well there.  My roof still hasn't been replaced from when it got wind/hail damage last year, so I'm glad the new one wasn't on last night.  Crazy thunder, lightning, etc...lots of downed trees in my neighborhood.  Nothing landed on my car, and none of my trees were hit.  Got lucky again!

    Laurie!!  What a trooper you are.  You did a great job, and are still working out with that foot.  Wow! I don't know if I could be as dedicated!

    All is status quo here, so nothing to report.  Still shrinking slowly but surely, though slower with the weight lifting.  But wow, am I getting strong!  I wouldn't trade it.  Still shredding, Michele, works wonders, though I really , really hate her most days.

    Bart, curious as to what's up with you dudes!  Any, Flygirl, how are you guys?



  • Had an awesome UBWO this morning!!  I was lifting so much on my pressing exercises that I actually started getting dizzy (I wasn't holding my breath or anything, this just happens when I go to extremes).  What a wonderful feeling when you force your body to do what it tells you that it can't........

    I was looking in the mirror this morning and it seems that my body is changing faster and faster.  I must have less papertowels on my roll these days.  My weight has stayed about the same over the last couple of weeks so I guess I must be putting on some serious muscle mass.  The pants I started wearing at the end of C1 have about 3 inches of extra room in them now. They were tight when I first started wearing them, so I'll be pulling a smaller size out of the closet pretty soon!

    Melissa- I'm glad to know that you're alright!  Great news that you didn't have to suffer anymore property damage.  I saw that David posted on another thread yesterday, so he's ok too.

  • Justin~ I love reading your posts about what you do in the gym! And how you are seeing changes that make you happy. That is awesome.

    Melissa~ I didn't hear about the storms, but glad you are okay. What a positive way to look at the thing with your roof! When I lived in Florida with my family, we got hit by some awful hurricanes.  Weather can be scary, so I am glad that you got through it with a positive outlook afterwards.

    No real "news" on the stuff I was talking about with my brother. Mostly just daydreaming out loud to each other. And I have been talking to my sister on the phone too. Its really special to me that they have conversations with me regularly now. When I started, I talked to my mom about what I was doing and cooking advice. I have mentionedbefore that health and fitness is really important to my family, and doing this has given me a real relationship with them. It just really means a lot to me. I had waited to tell my dad what I was doing until I had stayed on track for a while. He was the one who got the book and showed me the whole thing, over a decade ago. When I finally told him, omg I could barely speak because I was so choked up. So that was cool.

    I am really looking forward to takin my end challenge pics! I don't have a six-pack or anything, but jeez I sure feel like I do! I feel so confident and happy :-D

  • Hi Everyone!

    Sorry I have been MIA on the forums! Life has gotten busy so I haven't been on here as much as I used to be. Luckily, I am still getting in all of my workouts. I am either going to boxing class for cardio or doing interval sprints on the treadmill. I am continuing to increase my weights during my upper and lower body workouts and I can definitely notice the soreness in my body from it. My shoulders have been really tight so I treated myself to a massage last night, and what a difference it made! I feel so much better today.

    Glad to here everyone is getting stronger and seeing results!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  • LBWO this morning kicked my DONKEY!  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk out of the gym to the car on my own because my legs went numb.....  My legs have regained sensation now, so now all I have to do is wait for the DOMS to set in.  

    I sucked on my diet this weekend so I'm not planning on any cheats for at least a couple of weeks.  There was a couple of birthday parties and I had a friend in town that I haven't seen in about two years so almost everything I ate wasn't on plan.  

    Amy- Glad you checked in!  It seems like everyone has been super busy so far during C2.  There hasn't been nearly as many posts this time.

    Caity- Thanks!  How much time do you have left in C1?  Are you using the gym or still doing it at home?

  • Hey, guys!

    Things have definitely slowed down as everyone buckles down for the long haul.  At least that's what it feels like.  I must admit that it is definitely harder to keep going back to back like this.  Possibly we should have taken longer off, but I didn't want to lose my momentum, either.  Now, Steve has injured his arm doing some plank exercises.  It seems like everything is worn out and prone to injury.

    Another interesting twist is that, now that I've started the weightlifting again, I've put back on a couple pounds.  Diet has been completely clean except for Sundays, but even those have been scaled down from what they were.  I have cream in my coffee, and maybe a special meal and a piece of cake.  So it must be muscle weight.  I soooo did not enjoy seeing the scale creep up.  Though I know what it is and that I'm not really getting fatter, it works on you mentally.

    Still doing the shred, and that is fantastic, but I DID skip my lower body workout yesterday from being SO SORE from doing it.  It seems to move fat better than I was doing with mainly the bike and walking before, so I don't want to give it up, but MAN does your lower half get pounded.  So...many...squats and lunges of all kinds, and now the second levels has a LOT of plank exercises.  Squat thrusts, plank jacks, walking pushups (I can now do 5 normal ones), and the last ab exercise is a leg twist in plank.  No wonder Steve hurt his elbows.  She never mentioned not to lock your elbows, and if you don't "just know" not to do it, you're screwed.  Anyway, I'm thinking about doing some lower body weights this evening on top of the cardio that I did this morning.  I want to hit some muscles that the shred didn't get, though that isn't many.

    We're expecting some of that bad weather that caused the Oklahoma tornadoes today.  After what happened there, I'm really scared.  That tornado that hit a couple years ago in Forney (where I live) almost leveled the neighborhood where my daughters school was.  One school was damaged, and hers ended up being ok.  It's so scary for your kids to be away from you when that stuff happens.  I was out of my mind when I saw on the news where it hit.  We didn't have electricity for a couple days around the area, and my daughter didn't get home from school until 7:30.  They won't even let you come get them.  Anyway, my heart is really hurting from that today because I have some small idea of what they must be going through.

    Caity, it's wonderful that you are getting to connect with your family, and feeling good about yourself.  You just can't put a price on that.  You have such an awesome attitude!  Also, it only gets better and better.  If I did it again, I'd take 2 extra weeks off like Kat is doing before starting another full-blown challenge.  I only mention it because I know you're up against that very soon.  I just kept my diet very close and did the 30 day shred every couple days for that 2 weeks off.  What I'm aiming for for the rest of my life is just the consistency.  I'm going to stop worrying about ups and downs and just keep on keeping on.

    Justin, I like hearing your reports, too.  You sound happy and psyched!  I really like that.

    Everyone, I hope all is well in your world.  KEEP ON TRUCKIN'!!!!  You guys rock.



  • Hey Gladiators!

    Have been a litle busy and have not been on here much, but I am plugging away through C2.  It is different from BFL.  I'm actually lifting 5 days a week and I'm still getting cardio 5-6 days a week.  Cardio has been 3 days of spin (intense) 1-2 days of swimming and a mini bootcamp like class ever so often.  I have not run a lick, mostly just haven't had the opportunity.  I had signed up for a Consistency Challenge with our gym and need to get at least 3 classes a week. Ideally, spin is the easiest to get to in the morning and I get a lot out of it.  Getting stronger.  I have pushed bench up (finished yesterday with 245 at 4 reps).  Today, was legs and it was a killer.  One of my goals was to be squating over 300 by end of C2.  With a little over 3 weeks into it, I did my last set today at 285!  Can't remember when I last squated that amount.  Haven't weighed since end of C1 but I expect with going heavy, I've gained a little.  Clothes still fit nicely so hopefully mostly muscle.

    On home front, little sad. Our youngest has left for the rest of the summer. He had only been home from college for about 2 weeks.  He is interning with youth minister at a church in Abilene. We will not see him much this summer.  A great opportunity for him, but he's our baby and we will miss him.

    Melissa - glad you are hitting C2 hard. Agree, this is harder. I'm a little sore and dealing with some minor injuries myself.  I bet you are gaining muscle.  Scales are not reliable.  Go with how clothes fit and the mirror.  Keep staying with it - especially the lower body.  You gain the most from it b/c the muscles are larger and it requires more energy to work them.  Agree, hope we don't see any severe weather later today.  Horrible what happened in Ok.  Very tragic.

    Caity - hope you're doing well and enjoying your reconnect with your family. You are in week 9?  This is the time where you can really see the changes.  Finish strong!  Keep up the inspiration!  

    Ok guys, work beckons.


  • I had a great HIIT session this morning.  I turned it up another notch and burned 601 calories on the stair climber.  I felt like I hit a 10 at the end of my 20 minutes, but after my 10 minute cool down I was pumped and felt like I still had some gas in the tank.  I think I'll increase the speed by 2 levels on my next session.

    Melissa- I know what you meen.  It feels like the energy has kind of fizzled on this thread.  I keep checking in multiple times per day to hopefully see some new news.  I'm still 100% committed to this and will be here for a looooong time.  Hopefully the energy picks back up soon. I hope Steve's arm gets better soon and CONGRATS on the 5 pushups!

    David- I think you'll end up surpassing those strength goals you've set!    With 245 for four reps you should be around 270 for your 1RM on bench.  Are you doing any heavy negatives at the end of your routine?  Those will really help you up the poundage on your max.  


  • Happy Hump Day Gladiators!

    Back day.  Had a good one! Pullups are a bear so I do them first. Goal is to get back over 10.  Did 3 sets of 8,8, and 6 with good form.  Think I'll get there if I have less weight to pullup.  Will do spin class this afternoon.  (only a 45 minute class today)

    Doing my best to keep on BFL diet and having a little less rigidity this time. Can't let that slip.  Come to far to let it get away again.  

    Have a great one everybody!

  • Had a decent little run on the eliptical machine this morning.  Not nearly as good as the stair climber, but burned 457 calories and covered 4.2 miles in 30 minutes.  

  • Well I have been enjoying my week off, I start again on Monday. Its been nice to take a break from writing everything down and going to the gym. I have been riding my bicycle though. In january, I couldn't really ride it at all. Its clunky and heavy. On Monday, I rode 25 miles on that sucker. Today I rode 30 miles. I feel invinceable!!!!

    Justin that is some impressive work on the cardio!! You must have been sweating your booty off!

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm still here plugging away.  I have missed a few workouts with the busy schedule I have had but I'm still making progress.  I'll be at the beach for the next two weeks so I'm not sure how that is going to go but I'm going to give it my best effort.  If I miss too many workouts I might restart this challenge but I will still be here.  My kid is out of school so I'm having to get uo at 530 to go to the gym before she wakes up.  That is hard for me since I'm not much of an early riser but I have been doing it.  I'll check back in when I can.  Keep up the good work everyone.


  • Justin, you're always on the train chugging away.  Love your drive, man!

    David, I know what you mean about being careful not to let things slip.  I feel the same.  How bout that darn weather this past week?? We got nailed here, did you guys?

    Amy, I missed your post somehow...glad to see you're seeing increases in your weight.  Sounds like you're really in the groove!

    Flobee, Michele, Flylady, Laurie...hope y'all are doing well!  Wave out to Sharon and Kat if they can get on to see it :).

    Mrguy, haven't forgotten you either.

    Welp folks, I took a little break this week.  I have had this nagging pain in my knees since the 10th week of the last challenge, and since I worked out with the cardio over my break, I didn't rest them like I should have.  When Steve got injured, I decided I would take a break with him...eating cleanly, of course.  So, since my cardio on Tuesday, I have been taking it easy and not doing anything.  I know it's only 2 days, but it feels like forever when I"ve been working out every day.  I feel stronger and my knees are barely hurting today.  So...I will get up and do my cardio tomorrow, and get back on the train.  I'm trying not to feel guilty because I can tell I needed it, but it's hard.

    Here's the funny part.  It seems I carry an extra 4 pounds or so when I'm doing weightlifting (I finally narrowed it down).  I looked it up and apparently it's considered normal inflammation.  I've been keeping track of it since I read that and this morning, after only doing a cardio session since Sunday, that extra 4 pounds is gone.  I fully expect it to be back next week after I start back up.  But I thought I would share that, especially with you ladies since I know how much we all think we're not doing something right when we don't see the scale go down.  

    Going to be hitting hard starting Saturday again...I'm liking being thinner and more fit.  Don't want that to slip ;).


  • FYI, I have been eating the yummiest thing lately, so I wanted to give you the "recipe".

    2 multigrain WASA crackers (3 for men)

    1/8 to 1/4 of an avocado (you can slice it or get a soft one and use it as a spread, like I do.)

    thin slices of red onion

    tomato slices

    red/yellow/orange pepper slices

    lettuce (I use baby spring mix when I have it; if not, romaine)

    kraft lite asian toasted sesame dressing (just a drizzle, or you could toss it with the greens before piling them on)

    3 to 5 slices lunch meat according to your protein needs (I use 1.5 on each cracker since the cracker has some protein and each slice has about 5g of protein)

    I layer that on the crackers, then drape the meat (folded) over the lettuce, which holds it down.  I got this idea from a website and modified it for me...I can't remember her name offhand.  It surprised me how good it is.  We prefer it to a lot of the things we eat.

  • Hi Team!

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

    I am still getting in my workouts and continuing to increase my weight. I can definitely feel the soreness in my muscles. I have been doing my HIIT mostly on the treadmill lately. Work has gotten busy and I haven't been able to make it to the boxing classes I like. I don't think I have been to boxing class in 2-3 weeks, so I am running instead.

    David--I agree with you about being rigid on the diet this time. I need to get back on track.

    Caity--Great job on finishing your C1. Your results are impressive!

    Melissa--That recipe sounds great. I ned to try it!

    Keep up the great work everyone!