Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • First of all, happy birthday to Kat!  I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Caity, wow,'ve really gotten yourself centered.  You continually impress me with your drive and positive attitude.  Get your certification, and I'll come be your first guinea pig :D.  I'm interested in hearing about your phone call as well.

    Sharon, I got exhausted just listening to your post.  Oh, to be in London, though...I've always wanted to travel, and your job and life sound so exhilarating.  You're doing the best you can with what you have to work with, and that's always impressive.  Keep up the good work, and hang in there!  Maybe by the time all the stuff you've got going on is done, your wrist will be ready to rock and roll!

    Good job, Justin!  It's always a good feeling when you accomplish goals you set out for yourself.  How's the wife doing with all the advances you're making?

    Flobee, loved your post.  They always give me a chuckle.  Congrats on being a helping, driving influence in someone else's life!  If I can just be that for my daughters, I'll consider myself a success and move on to others.  I've always been more of a "good soldier" than a leader.

    David, hope you didn't get injured.  Working around those injuries SUCKS.  Speaking of which, I wonder how Laurie is doing with that foot?

    As far as Steve and I go here, we're still hanging in there, getting smaller every day.  My measuring tape isn't showing much difference anymore, but I've hit 152.  I've been dropping about a pound to a pound and a half a week, which is good.  After seeing so much size change last time, watching the scale go down and not seeing the measurements go down makes me scratch my head.  Incidentally, ladies, it's amazing how much water weight/bloating you can carry around for a few days a month.  It's been a real eye-opener.

    My daughter is hanging in with the diet and the shred, even while away.  She takes her food and uses youtube for the videos.  I hope it works for her.  I just try to be as encouraging as I can be.

    Otherwise, just little dramas here and there...nothing exciting.

    Keep on keepin' on, Gladiators!  Happy Mother's Day from me as well.


  • Melissa-that's really awesome that your family is with you on the fitness train! LoL train-get it? The bloaty thing happens to me pretty bad, you can especially tell in the newer picture I put in my profile. It looked like I back traced-certainly felt like it-but the scale wasn't going up. Then I woke up one day deflated! Aunt flow was gone, and also I cut out some food that had a lot of sodium, a tip I got from the trainer. Cheese sticks were a go to for me, and I guess they can make me bloat more.

    Justin- congratulations on your juicy vein! Not a personal goal of mine, but I'm sure it looks dashing and manly on you :-D

    Sharon- daaang you got a lot going on! I would love to travel the world, I can't even imagine that being my life. Snorkling reefs.....gosh what a dream. If you take underwater pictures please please share them with us! And as far as staying on track, sounds like you are doing your best with what you have. Jeez all I can think to say is that I just can't imagine the international flights, hotels, meeting, jet lag, fancy food and such. It is amazing that you stick with it and post updates for us!

    David-love that clown, that show was crazy! I strain sometimes with dips too, but I was in my shoulder (bench dips, right?) It is such an awkward movement, I am still working on balance and becoming limber. Adding weights would be a disaster for me! I am working on being able to do 30 in a row.

    I got to talk to the guy, it was so surreal! It took me a minute to relax and think of him as a normal guy because I felt star struck at first. It was a great conversation, he is doing things now that I imagine all the time. Like helping people who are really big and have lost hope, going to their homes, giving them privacy, educating and giving emotional support. Plus he is a self made business man who just decided to do it himself. I wanna do that, I want to own 100% of my company and have the freedom to run things a certain way.

    My brother talked to me on the phone for like an hour that day too (we used to not talk much). He is a vegan cyclist and went to college for this stuff. He has earned the highest certification you can get for personal training. But he wants to focus on helping athletes become better athletes. We talked about how cool it would be to go to California and have a health/fitness center there. I think we would be a good team because our focuses are so different, it would be useful to more people. Who knows. I can hardly believe I am imagining these things.

    I am very touched when you guys say that I am inspiring. Thank you! So are you all to me.

    And happy mothers day to all the moms! Whether you have children or fluffy feathery little ones <3

  • Hello gladiators.  Hope you guys all had a great week. Was wondering if anyone knew that doing a second challenge if it took a while to see a difference. Like in C2 how girls didn't see results until week 8-10. Not much new, just crazy busy. Hope all you wonderful mommys enjoy your mommy day. Miss Kat,  I hope u enjoyed your birthday and it was as beautiful as you are. Lots of love

  • Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's here.

    I miss all of you and will get back soon.


  • Had a great UBWO this morning.  I'm getting stronger than I have been in a looooooooong time!  Also.....  The scales haven't really been moving.  I'm only down a couple of pounds since starting C2 so far, but have have had to tighten up my belt again!  I must be putting on some meat.......

  • Happy Monday Gladiators!

    Back home, over jet lag (I think), and ready to get busy for the week!  I hope that everyone had a terrific weekend and Mother's Day.  

    I am very much looking forward to hitting it hard this week and then thoroughly enjoying my time off next week.  David, you are more than welcome to come along!  I am sure that we could use some eye candy on the boat :-)  Are you a diver?  I will be sure to get some quality photos underwater to post.   The crew on this trip offers underwater photography courses and has top notch cameras.  We use our Go Pro but it doesn't have a flash so the pics aren't very high quality.  I'm looking forward to "playing" with some awesome equipment and having pros show me how to best work the light for killer pictures.  I should pull up and post some from my trip last year.  I have a pretty decent photo of a HUGE sting ray lifting off the ocean floor with our dive master right in from of him.  You can see just how big it was!  I also have a cool picture of me "petting" a shark.  One of the coolest things ever in my 20+ years of diving.  My second favorite picture is with a sea turtle.  I was "hovering" in place just watching him and he eventually swam up almost nose to nose checking me out.  Amazing!!!!  No whales so far but dolphins, turtles, rays, sharks, octopi, squid, lobster, crab, barracuda, and a host of beautiful colorful fish.  

    I appreciate the comments on how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to travel and see the world.  I think I would be nomadic if I could figure out how to make that work for me and my family :-).  Traveling for business is definitely NOT as glamorous as it seems though and it has taken it's toll on me (slept 11.5 hours Friday).  I end up working long hours and don't have a ton of time for sightseeing or personal exploration.  However, I build frequent flyer miles so that I can travel on my own.  I grew up with some incredible opportunities and I can never thank my parents enough for exposing me to the world.  My father is a retire Delta Airlines Captain so my passion for traveling the world started at an incredibly young age.  There is nothing that I enjoy more than going to new places and experiencing new things.

    How is everyone doing with C2???  Success stories?  Justin - sounds like you are killing it - trust the belt/screw the scales :-)  Challenges?  I'll post a new recipe tomorrow.  Made some delish spicy coconut grilled shrimp served over grilled "Caesar" salad (used a totally different dressing - citrus vinaigrette). Yummy!!!



  • Hi Gladiators -

    Thank you for all the Bday messages!!! Haven't had my laptop this past week, so haven't been able to get on til just now! I have NOT been doing as great this round as I did the first one, still feeling really burnt out, physically and mentally. I had a feeling that I wasn't quite ready to take on the full commitment again, so instead of forcing it, I am going to take another two weeks of "active rest" so that I can really jump back into the Arena ready to ROCK it!!! ;) If anyone wants to take over the BFL DLFL that would be great, otherwise I will restart that in a couple weeks as well...

    And if anyone else is in the same boat (needing some more "break time" before truly re-commiting), my official C2 restart date will be on Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day lol) - that way I'll still be in the same workout rythym as the Team, just four weeks behind. I'll keep checking in to see how everyone is doing, and hopefully by body and mindset will be good to go after sum more downtime. It is a really strange feeling to go from being 100% kickin BFL booty  to where I am at now, I givesum seriously HUGE props to those who actually can do these Challenges back-to-back!!!

    Hope Everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend and lots of LOVE to ALL!!! xoxo Kat aka Hollywood" Muah

  • Kat- You gotta do what you gotta do.  I hope you feel better soon.  Be sure to come back and check in with us when you can!

    I had a really nice HIIT this morning.  I've decided to add 10 minutes of a moderate pace to all of my cardio sessions after the first 20 minutes is over.  

    Everyone else-  What's new!?!?

  • I'm sorry you're feeling burnt out, Kat.  I've been feeling a little of that, so I can relate.  I really want to lose what I can before that trip the last week of June, so I'm trying to persevere as best I can, but it hasn't been easy for sure.  Since this is C2, I've been a tiny bit more lenient with myself, and strangely it seems to be paying off.  I might get below 150 this week, which will really feel good.  I also got into my size 8 pants this pair was just right and the other was a little tight.  Anyway, I'm doing the physical stuff, but I've not mentally been in the game as much.

    Still doing the 30 day shred for my cardio, and the strength and endurance gains are amazing, but doing that first thing in the morning is soooo miserable!  LOL  Sore all the time, but it's a good sore.

    Flobee, it seems from my experience that the weightlifting cancels out some of that scale drop.  It became really noticeable during my off time when I continued cardio but no lifting.  Without the muscle gains, the scale does move more.  But it still seems to be coming off at those times, just making you smaller rather than lighter.  I never could have fit in size 8 pants and look good over 150!  Plus, once I started lifting again, the weight loss did slow down considerably.  I really see it paying off though.

    Justin, good job on putting on the meat!! LOL..that tickled me, so had to share.

    Sharon, that food sounds amazing!  Caesar salad is one of my favorite things, but the dressing is deadly, apparently.  I'd like to try that salad!  We eat a lot of them.  I discovered this light dressing that is so good I'd like to make soup with's called asian toasted sesame.  Kraft lite, I believe.  I go light on it because it still has 50 cals per 2 TBSP, but it's great on our chicken salads.  I'm trying to carefully add in more fats this time around because I think I went to extreme with keeping fat out last time.  Man, would I love a good dive trip! It's one of my favorite things in the world.

    David, how did that muscle pull come out? Still feeling twingy?



  • Oh, hey, Caity...any news on your new venture with your brother? I'd love to go into business for myself.  Doing what, I have NO idea.  I'm one of those "jack of all trades, master of none" types.

  • Morning Gladiators

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the mom's here. Been far too long since I've checked in. Suffice to say I have too many irons in the fire. Was wondering if anyone else feels like they're on autopilot this challenge. Even though I'm cramming more into my schedule than the previous challenge I'm still nailing the daily challenges and then some without even really trying. I felt so adrift during the active rest it feels normal to be back in the gym. Though I tend to feel tired and not too enthusiastic about working out first thing when I get up, once I start my warmup autopilot kicks in and I'm in the zone. I would not be nearly as effective without my workout log/journal with me already planned out at least a week in advance so all I have to do is keep up with the stopwatch and follow the planned session. Don't know about any of ya'll but I feel that this is an appointment with myself that is non-negotiable. My youngest daughter (she's 19) told me a few days ago she was glad I was back in the gym. She said I'm more mellow and calm after I've had my workout. Gotta say she's right. I'm definitely addicted to the endorphins.

    Seeing steady gains in lower body workout the past two weeks. Upper body has made slower but steady gains. Diet has been the same since I maintained it even during the active rest. Eating clean really agrees with my body. My weekly cheat consists of a bagful of kettle corn popcorn or some chips and salsa with some fajitas or a steak. Guess I've just accepted this as long term programming like I did back in 2001 as part of the maintenance after the completion of my first challenge. 

    Kat - Happy Belated Birthday Woman! Should've checked back here sooner. I hope you had a great birthday. If you feel you need to extend your rest go for it. It's important to listen to your body. I know I was lost during this past active rest but my body did need it. I came back stronger than ever and I'm seeing steady progress with the weights and endurance with my HIIT's this time around.

    Justin - You're making great progress! Your pics really show your dedication and determination. Keep up the great work! Calf veins huh? That is impressive. Don't think I'd want to see my calf veins though.

    Sharon - You never cease to amaze me. How's your wrist? I hope you have a great vacation! Think you can post some of your dive pics?

    David - Love your wacky sense of humor. How's the pec? How is Maximus Jr? How's his challenge going?

    Melissa - Great pics you posted. Still doing the shred huh?

    Laurie - How's the foot?

    LilCaity - You're such an inspiration!

    Bart, Amy, Mr. Guy, Flobee, FlyGirl - You guys doing ok?

    Will try to post more often just know I think of you guys everyday and wish you all the best even though I may not post often enough.


  • Had a great LBWO today!  I have totally maxed out the capacity of the squat machine at my gym (320lbs), so I have to move on over to the squat rack and start loading plates on a bar and use them instead.  I hate to do that because it hurts my shoulders and back even with proper form so I've been avoiding it.  Oh well...  I'm glad to be too strong for the machine!

  • Hi to all you Fantastic Gladiators,

    I have a lot to say, but it will take a few extra days. I got all my paper work stuff done online and got it in on time to finish #1Challenge. Here are my results...This is how I took my measurements

    Before ---Jan 2013                       After---  April 2013

    Bust 40                                            38

    Waist 35 1/2                                    31 1/2

    Hips 38                                             37

    Left upper arm 11 1/4                     10 1/2  

    Rt. upper arm 11                                10 1/2

    Lt. thigh    22                                      19 1/2

    Rt. thigh 21 3/4                                   19 3/4

    Measured at Bellybutton 35 1/2        35

    Rt. calf  13 1/2                                      13 1/4

    Lt. calf   13 3/4                                     13 1/4

    Underbra 33 3/4                                     32

    Weigh  139                                           136.9

    I think that my total inches lost is 15 and my total weight is 3.9 lbs.  

    Also got my before and after photo in on time, but don't know how to put them in here to show you guys. So I will try to work on that.  I can't say to much more cause this computer will stop soon. My foot is doing better and I am walking on it with the pin in it. The pin comes out in 4 weeks.


  • Here I am again, Gladiators,

    I have to walk really slow and I have a boot, but it is harder to walk with that, so I am waring some funky slippers. lol...

    I started my 2nd Challenge on May 6th. So I am behind you all about a week. I took the 1st week off cause of my foot.  I can't use the pool, but I have found a way to work out at home using some weights. So my work outs are with just 3lb weights so far. I just finished my 1st UBWO at 10pm tonight. It was late but I did it. Most of my workouts are on my bed and in my desk chair. I have to really be careful not to strain my back or I will lose everything.  I miss you all and wish I could say more, but I will come back tomorrow and try to catch up on all news I've missed.

    Happy Late Birthday Kat.  And to all of you, You all look so good and wonderful in your photo's, If I ever get mine up on here, you'll be surprise , because then you'll know who I am. lol

    I know I didn't loose as much as I wanted to, but I am feeling okay about it and will forge on with you guy by my side.

    Thank you all for thinking of me and keeping me in your prayers. As always you are in mine.


  • Way to go Laurie!!!!  You're results sound fantastic!

    If you want to upload pictures click on "Use rich Formatting" and there is and you can click on one of the icons in the toolbar to upload pictures.

    Melissa/David-  Hope you guys are alright.  I saw that there was some very bad weather in TX last night.  Not sure if it was anywhere near you guys, but let us know you're ok.

    I had a great HIIT session this morning.  I added 10 minutes at a moderate level at the end and burned 570 calories.  Not to shabby for a 30 minute workout.